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Professor Juniper

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Previously resided at her Lab: BW050
* After the capture tutorial
:''"Did you see that, just now? Here's how it goes, step by step. First, reduce the Pokémon's HP! Pokémon that still have all of their energy are difficult to catch. If you can, use your Pokémon's moves to make the Pokémon you want to catch fall {{status|sleep|asleep}}. Or {{status|paralysis|paralyze}} it! And to wrap this up in the best way, I have a gift for you- some {{balli|Poké Ball}}s!"''
:''"Poké Balls are used for catching Pokémon and for carrying the Pokémon you catch! I'm going on ahead. I'll be waiting for you in [[Accumula Town]]!"''
==In the anime==
[[File:Juniper anime.png|thumb|220px|Professor Juniper in the anime]]
In the {{pkmn|anime}}, Professor Juniper debuted in ''[[BW001|In The Shadow of Zekrom!]]'' as an old friend of {{an|Professor Oak}}. She gave {{Ash}}, {{Delia}}, and Oak a ride in her SUV to her lab so she could study [[Ash's Pikachu]] who was ill. Later, she showed Ash the Unova [[starter Pokémon]], then gave [[Trip]] his first {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}, {{TP|Trip|Snivy|Serperior}}.
Ash later returned to Professor Juniper's lab after finding out that Ash's Pikachu had lost his electricity from {{p|Zekrom}}. Later the storm arrived again but this time it gave Pikachu's electric powers back, and Ash departed from her lab the next day.
She reappeared inIn ''[[BW003|A Sandile Gusher of Change!]]'', where sheJuniper sent the Poké Ball to Ash of the {{AP|Oshawott}} that was supposed to go to a new Trainer, but wandered away to go with Ash. In ''[[BW013|Minccino-Neat and Tidy!]]'' it was shown that she had sent {{an|Bianca}} to give Ash his Badge case. She then spoke to Ash via Bianca's [[Xtransceiver]].
Ash sent his {{AP|Pidove}} to her in ''[[BW018|Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest!]]'', in order to make room for his newly captured {{AP|Sewaddle}}. He switched them in ''[[BW021|The Lost World of Gothitelle!]]''.
In ''[[BW022|A Venipede Stampede!]]'', she thought the problem of the {{p|Venipede}} swarm in [[Castelia City]] had something to do with something in the underground. Ash, {{an|Iris}} and {{an|Cilan}} met up with Professor Juniper and went to investigate the unusual activity caused by [[Team Rocket]] in the [[Desert Resort]]. She was also to appear in the unaired and non-canonical [[BW023 (unaired)|final]] [[BW024 (unaired)|episodes]] of Team Rocket's [[Meteonite]] mission.
She reappeared inIn ''[[BW036|Archeops In The Modern World!]]'' along with, [[Fennel]], who helped herJuniper revive an {{p|Archen}} from a [[Plume Fossil]]. Archen later evolved into {{p|Archeops}}. After safely returning Archeops to the wild, she went back to her lab.
Professor Juniper reappeared again inIn ''[[BW063|Evolution Exchange Excitement!]]'', where sheJuniper traded her {{p|Karrablast}} for Bianca's {{p|Shelmet}}, making both of them evolve. In order to help Bianca to work with her new {{p|Escavalier}}, Professor Juniper suggested that they would have a [[Multi Battle|Tag Battle]] against Ash and Cilan, who used {{AP|Boldore}} and {{TP|Cilan|Crustle}}, respectively. Although Professor Juniper's {{p|Accelgor}} and Bianca's Escavalier managed to learn how to work together and eventually defeat Boldore, they were both defeated by Crustle's {{m|Rock Wrecker}}.
Professor Juniper reappeared yet again inIn ''[[BW109|New Places... Familiar Faces!]]'', whenJuniper met up with Ash and his friends again when they returned to Nuvema Town after the [[Vertress Conference]]. She also presented a beginner Trainer, [[Nanette]], the three starter Pokémon. After some thinking, Nanette chose {{p|Tepig}} as her first Pokémon.
She appeared again inIn ''[[BW123|Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures!]]'', where sheJuniper told Ash and {{ashfr}} about a cruise that would travel through the [[Decolore Islands]] to [[Kanto]], after they expressed their wishes to travel to Kanto together. She bought tickets for them to board the ship, but a disguised [[James]] bumped on her on purpose to switch the tickets around with fakes to lure Ash and his friends in to another scheme of Team Rocket{{TRT}}'s. She then said the gang goodbye as she drove off. She also made plans to transfer Ash's Unova Pokémon from her lab to Professor Oak's.
Professor Juniper made a cameo appearance in the ending credits of ''[[M16|Genesect and the Legend Awakened]]''.
|desc=Working with [[Fennel]] (in order to utilize {{p|Musharna}}'s [[Dream Mist]]) and using a [[Plume Fossil]] provided to her by [[Lenora]], Professor Juniper was able to revive an {{p|Archen}} in a lab between [[Castelia City]] and [[Nimbasa Town]]. Archen quickly proved to be a handful and refused to eat modern Pokémon food. She soon formed a bond with {{Ash}} and his {{AP|Tranquill}} as they attempted to teach Archen to fly.
Archen continuously let out a cry that was once used to grow seeds that produced thick vines covered in fruit that Archen and Archeops used as nests in the past. A few of these seeds were attached to Archen when she was revived, and were unknowingly planted in the lab. Cry after cry, the seeds grew and grew until the vines had made the lab completely inaccessible. The vines then began blossoming with fruit, and Archen quickly ran up and helped herself to her first meal since being revived. She then evolved into {{p|Archeops}} and in turn, gained the ability to fly. However, {{TRT}} attempted to capture Archeops and, in the processedprocess, destroyed the habitat she had created. Luckily, a flock of Archeops had heard her call and arrived to take her with them. After saying a farewell to her new friends (especially Tranquill), Archeops flew off to live with her own kind.
Archeops's only known moves are {{m|Dragon Breath}} and {{m|Peck}}.}}
| {{InactivePoké|Ash|Boldore|Ash Boldore.png|rock|fir=Roggenrola}}
| {{InactivePoké|Ash|Tepig|Ash Tepig.png|fire}} ♂
| {{InactivePoké|Ash|Snivy|Ash Snivy.png|grass|grass}} ♀
| {{InactivePoké|Ash|Oshawott|Ash Oshawott.png|water}} ♂
| {{InactivePoké|Ash|Krookodile|Ash Krookodile.png|fir=Krokorok|ground|dark}} ♂
| {{InactivePoké|Ash|Scraggy|Ash Scraggy.png|dark|fighting}} ♂
|th=ธันวา ภักดีอำนาจ ''Thanwa Pakdeeamnat''
|pl=Klementyna Umer<br>Julia Kołakowska ([[BW050]])
|vi=Quỳnh Giao ([[BW001]]-[[BW103BW105]])<br>Cao Thụy Thanh Hồng ([[BW109]]-present)}}
==In the manga==
|desc={{p|Oshawott}} was first seen in Professor Juniper's lab where it tried to stop a fight between {{p|Tepig}} and {{p|Snivy}}, only to be hit by the latter and making it join the fight as well, leaving the lab in a complete mess. Later, it was delivered to {{adv|Black}} along with Tepig and Snivy and once again stopped his partners from a fight. Afterward, Bianca took Oshawott for herself.}}
===In the Pocket Monsters BW: Good Partners manga===
[[File:Professor Juniper BWGP.png|thumb|150px|Professor Juniper in Pocket Monsters BW Good Partners]]
Professor Juniper appeared in [[BWGP02]]. [[Takurō]] and [[Mashiro]] had arrived in [[Accumula Town]] and saw her. She evaluated [[Takurō]]'s [[Pokédex]] and commented on how it was filling up quite a bit. She then told him to keep it up. Professor Juniper then told the two about a {{p|Purrloin}} that was causing trouble. Later, when Takurō had his {{p|Pidove}} flap up a gust of wind, Professor Juniper went with Mashiro to a cliff where Takurō was but discovered that Takurō had already rescued himself and Purrloin.
* Professor Juniper is the only regional professor to be named after a {{wp|conifer}} instead of a {{wp|broad-leaved tree}}.
* According to an NPC, Professor Juniper and her father were formerly {{tc|Backpacker}}s.
* Professor Juniper is the only professor who appears in the anime to have taken care of Ash's {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} other than {{an|Professor Oak}}.
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| ดร.Profesor อารารากิ ''Dr. Araragi''Juniper
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| Профессор Джунипер ''Professor Dzhuniper''
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| ดร. อารารากิ ''Dr. Araragi''
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