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* The "boy and friend" exchange was originally Misty stating that he just happens to be at the same places she was when denying following him this far. Tracey's response likewise was his claiming he himself does the same as well originally instead of asking if they were talking about him.
* Melody explains that their boat has the ability to climb up walls and rocky prefaces, something that's not made clear in the dub.
* Shortly after Misty and Melody's exchange and Melody scolding Ash for his recklessness, Jessie, James and Meowth's exchange was different:. Originally, Jessie explained that Misty and Ash are ten years too young to get focused on romance anyways, with James also explaining that they themselves are already five years too old to focus on that anyhow, (implying that they're are both 25), with. Meowth summingsubsequently sums it up by making a crack at how "love life" is foreign to them, to Jessie and James' chagrin. In the dub, Jessie mentioned that getting involved with the opposite sex is only asking for trouble, and James mentioned that he'd rather stay out of trouble,. whileIn response, Meowth quips that they've got each other and thus don't need the opposite sex, much to their chagrin.
* Although Melody's line upon discovering a copy of the Shamouti Legend is translated well, her delivery was different between the two versions, having her react with recognition at the slab, while in the dub, she acts completely unfamiliar about it.
* Misty's speech to Lawrence III was altered. In the dub, she says that she considered his way of thinking of Pokémon as mere things to collect to be disgusting. In the original version, Misty was simply asking him why he used his methods to catch the legendary birds instead of [[Poké Ball]]s like regular Trainers. To this, Lawrence replies that he considered himself a collector, and feels that the collected things must be visibly on display, or they couldn't be called a collection.