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Personality and characteristics
From the moment they met, Electivire and {{AP|Infernape}} had an intense rivalry, even from their [[Chimchar]]-[[Elekid]] days, and when both were under Paul's command, as Elekid, along with Paul, always looked down on Infernape, thinking of him as inferior than itself, and always felt pleasure whenever it belittled him. Over time, however, Electivire grew to respect Infernape's increasing power, and was glad and amused to see that it had evolved into [[Monferno]] during their battle at [[Lake Acuity]], with Infernape also returning the respect towards Electivire. Infernape and Electivire's respect and admiration towards one another reached its peak during their final battle at the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]], when the referee was about to declare Infernape unable to continue, Electivire angrily stopped the referee from ending the battle, knowing that Infernape could still continue, despite the fact that it would mean Paul winning the battle, but it seemed extremely delighted to see Infernape getting back to its feet, wanting to battle him for as long as possible. After Infernape bested Electivire, it was visibly smirking at seeing Infernape on top, and finally viewed Infernape as its equal.
Ironically, despite Electivire's harsh training and atmosphere around Paul, and despite its Trainer's constant scoldings and harsh treatment, Electivire never really showcased any signs of fear around Paul, and Electivire seemed quite comfortable around him, and instead, Electivire appeared to be slightly afraid of [[Reggie]], seen as when Electivire pulled a prank on {{AP|Pikachu}} during the latter's visit to {{bp|Veilstone City}}, Electivire attempted to sneak away upon Reggie's arrival, only to be caught and reprimanded, with Electivire laughing sheepishly to excuse his actions.
During Electivire's debut as an Elekid, it had the ability to absorb Electric-type moves without suffering any damage and then use the electricity for power. This was shown during Ash's first battle with Paul, when Paul wanted Ash to go first.