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Paul's Electivire

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Personality and characteristics
Natural of its species, Electivire was aggressive, brutish and nasty from its debut as an Elekid, reflecting Paul's own attitude. In ''[[DP050|Tag! We're It...!]]''; when {{AP|Pikachu}} approached and greeted it, Elekid falsely appeared to greet him back, only to hit Pikachu once he turned away, an example of Elekid being nasty for the sake of being nasty. Like Paul, it hates to appear weak and if ever helped, it would clean the slate but still be annoyed that it was helped. Despite the harsh training it undergoes with Paul, Electivire always seems to be happy battling, and unlike some of his comrades, it never shows any resentment to Paul; {{TP|Paul|Torterra}} would help others out of kindness and {{TP|Paul|Honchkrow}} would takes Paul's harsh words to heart.
From the pointmoment they met, Electivire and {{AP|Infernape}} had aan intense rivalry, witheven Pikachufrom andtheir was[[Chimchar]]-[[Elekid]] alwaysdays, keenand towhen windboth himwere up.under SimilarlyPaul's command, whenas {{p|Chimchar}}Elekid, joinedalong Ash'swith teamPaul, italways developedlooked thedown sameon kindInfernape, thinking of rivalryhim as inferior than itself, happilyand belittlingalways hisfelt newpleasure foundwhenever confidenceit belittled him. AsOver antime, Electabuzzhowever, itElectivire grew to respect Infernape's increasing power, and was glad and amused to see Chimcharthat it had evolved into {{p|[[Monferno}}]] andduring gladtheir tobattle beat battling[[Lake himAcuity]], aswith shownInfernape inalso ''[[DP132|Evolvingreturning the Stratagies!]]''respect towards Electivire. ItInfernape alsoand smirkedElectivire's wheneverrespect itand activatedadmiration {{m|Lighttowards Screen}}.one Towardsanother reached its peak during their final battle at the end[[Lily of itsthe timeValley onConference]], when the animereferee was about to declare Infernape unable to continue, Electivire gainedangrily respectstopped forthe Infernapereferee asfrom aending rivalthe battle, justknowing asthat PaulInfernape didcould forstill Ashcontinue, enjoyingdespite theirthe battlefact atthat it would mean Paul winning the Sinnohbattle, Leaguebut becauseit Electivireseemed believedextremely {{p|Infernape}}delighted to besee aInfernape worthygetting back to its opponentfeet, ratherwanting thanto someonebattle him for as long as possible. After Infernape bested Electivire, it couldwas justvisibly pushsmirking at seeing Infernape on top, and finally viewed Infernape as its aroundequal.
During Electivire's debut as an Elekid, it had the ability to absorb Electric-type moves without suffering any damage and then use the electricity for power. This was shown during Ash's first battle with Paul, when Paul wanted Ash to go first.