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Head on up through the narrow path, and the room begins to shake. Suddenly, the [[Dark Stone}}]]{{sup/5|B2}}/[[Light Stone]]{{sup/5|W2}} begins to tremble inside your Bag. The stone floats in the air for a moment, slowly absorbing the aura from its surroundings before reawakening as {{p|Zekrom}}{{sup/5|B2}}/{{p|Reshiram}}{{sup/5|W2}}. In a show of force, it sends out a shock wave of crackling electricity{{sup/5|B2}}/blazing fire{{sup/5|W2}} as it descends to the ground.
First, exploit its weaknesses to quickly drop its health. Both dragons are vulnerable to {{t|Dragon}}- and {{type|Ground}} attacks; in addition, Zekrom fears {{t|Ice}} moves and Reshiram fears {{t|Rock}} moves. Next, wear it down gradually with {{t|Grass}}, {{t|Fire}}, or {{t|Electric}} moves. If you happen to defeat it, it will reappear once you defeat the Elite Four and Champion again.