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{{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}} arrive at [[Camphrier Town]] only to be blasted by a terrible, loud noise. The noise soon stops, and when {{an|Clemont}} asks a townsperson, she tells the group to follow her. The woman leads them to a {{p|Snorlax}} sleeping in the middle of the town, and reveals that the noise was Snorlax {{m|Snore|snoring}}. The woman explains that once a year, Snorlax comes down from the mountains and uproots and eats the roots of the harvested field's crops. By digging up the roots, Snorlax cultivates the fields and makes the good crops grow. Every year, once Snorlax has dug up the roots, a festival takes place out of gratitude. There, [[Lord Shabboneau]] plays on his [[Poké Flute]] in gratitude and Snorlax returns to the mountains once more. This year, however, the towns people made all the preparations needed for the festival, but because Snorlax was not given the cue to return to the mountains he remains immobile in the town. The reason for this is that Lord Shabboneau, who plays the Poké Flute, has not come.
As the loud snores continue, Clemont decides to fix the situation with another invention, an forceful alarm clock usually used for waking up {{an|Bonnie}}, but instead of waking up Snorlax, the machine explodes. As the towns people worry about their town, Ash is more concerned with Snorlax, not wanting it to be made the bad guy. The woman tells them that several towns people have already went to [[Shabboneau Castle]] to ask the lord to play, but were unsuccessful. Ash decides that he will go. At the castle, Ash and his friends are led to Lord Shabboneau. When they give their request, but the lord only offers excuses as to why he cannot. At the recommendation of his butler, however, the lord truthfully tells the group that the flute was taken from him by [[Princess Allie]] of [[Parfum Palace]]. Ash resolves to get the flute for the lord, while {{TRT}} listens from inside a suit of armor and plans to use the Poké Flute to get not only {{AP|Pikachu}} but an army of Snorlax.