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Eon Ticket
===Eon Ticket===
Record mixing will copy and transfer the [[Eon Ticket]] over from another person to the player's own game. The person with the Eon Ticket must be connected to the Player 1 slot while the rest are in other spots. This will allow access to [[Southern Island]] and catch {{p|Latios}} or {{p|Latias}}, depending on the game. Only the original recipient of the Eon Ticket (through an e-Card or other event) can transfer it via mixing records; players who first receive their Eon Ticket by mixing records cannot transfer it further. The number of Eon Tickets that one recipient can transfer is limited.{{fact}}
Record mixing is the only way to receive the Eon Ticket in Emerald. Using this method the Eon ticket can be sent to any non-Japanese version of RSE
===Record Hall===