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Organism No. 2 eventually broke free from captivity and escaped from Team Rocket. In the process, it accidentally absorbed a sample of {{adv|Red}}'s blood, causing a connection to form between them and leading him to believe that he was its ancestor.
=={{chap|FireRed & LeafGreen}}==
Organism No. 2 first appeared in ''[[PS274|A Vicious Cycle of Possibilities]]'', on [[Three Island]], where it saved [[Lostelle]] from [[Kanto Pokémon Federation|a gang of Bikers]], though its intentions for doing so are unknown; its name is revealed here by {{adv|Giovanni}}.
On [[Five Island]], the [[Kanto]] [[Pokédex holders]] are used to bait the Deoxys out of hiding. In ''[[PS279|Don't Doubt Deoxys]]'', after confronting [[Carr]], Red battles with the mysterious creature, starting the fight with [[Pika]], attacking Organism No. 2 with a {{m|Thunderbolt}}. Organism No. 2 switches to {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Deoxys|Defense Forme}} and easily blocks the attack. Organism No. 2 then switches to Attack Forme and tries to tie up Red with its tentacles, while the other one turns into a fist. Organism No. 2 then sends a powerful punch at [[Aero]]'s face, and follows the attack by piercing Aero's wings with its tentacles. Red then has [[Saur]] catch the falling [[Fossil]] Pokémon with one of his vines. Red sends out [[Snor]], who attacks Organism No. 2 with a powerful punch. Organism No. 2 switches back into its Defense Forme, making the attack useless.
Red then sends out [[Gyara]] to battle, making notes how the forme with tentacles has a higher attack, while the bulkier forme has a higher defensedefence. Pika fires off a {{m|Thunder}} attack at Organism No. 2's chest, hitting its core and dealing a lot of damage. Organism No. 2 quickly heals itself with {{m|Recover}}, and uses its {{a|Pressure}} [[Ability]] to prevent the move from being used again. Organism No. 2 finishes the battle with a powerful {{m|Psycho Boost}}, defeating all of Red's Pokémon and causing them severe damage.
[[PS281|After]] the battle, [[Sird]] gives Organism No. 2 the {{OBP|Ruby|item}} and {{OBP|Sapphire|item}}, allowing it to unlock all of its formes. Organism No. 2 proceeds to transform into its Speed Forme and flies to [[Birth Island]] to recuperate its injuries from the battle.
In ''[[PS287|Secrets from Sneasel]]'', Giovanni has Organism No. 2 uses its psychic powers to find his long-lost {{adv|Silver|son}}. Organism No. 2 locates him and informs Giovanni that his son is in [[Viridian City]].
[[File:Giovanni Deoxys Adventures.png|200px|thumb|left|Organism No. 2 and Giovanni]]
In ''[[PS291|Can Mewtwo Dish It Out with a Spoon?]]'', Organism No. 2 is used to battle against Red on the Team Rocket airship, who had joined forces with {{adv|Mewtwo}}. Mewtwo introduces itself to Organism No. 2 while the DNA Pokémon remains silent. Mewtwo then starts the battle, attacking Organism No. 2 with its {{m|Psywave|spoon}}. Organism No. 2 easily maintains an advantage over the Genetic Pokémon, using its forme changes to counter all of their strategies. Due to this Red tells Mewtwo to just attack the crystal in Organism No. 2's chest. Mewtwo attempts to pierce the core with its spoon, but Organism No. 2 blocks the attack with its arms. Mewtwo then rushes into an attack, while Organism No. 2 rushes past it with its Speed Forme. As Organism No. 2 grabs Mewtwo with its tentacles, Mewtwo attack shoots an attack down and pierces the DNA Pokémon through the chest. Organism No. 2 struggles to control its formes and Mewtwo goes for the final blow. Organism No. 2 then stabs Mewtwo from behind with its tentacles, using an aurora to make it appear to be in its Normal Forme, when it was really in its Attack Forme. Organism No. 2 then uses Recover and prepares to finish the battle with Psycho Boost. Despite the power of the attack, Mewtwo continues to stand.
Red then rushes towards Giovanni and manages to steal the airship's remote controller and uses it to fire a barrier around Mewtwo. Organism No. 2 attempts to stop Red by grabbing him, but the energy manages to surround Mewtwo in time. Red tells Mewtwo to heal itself with Recover while he holds the DNA Pokémon off. Organism No. 2 then attempts to use its aurora ability, but Red tells Mewtwo that it's still in its Attack Forme. Giovanni tries to counter by having Organism No. 2 take Red into the sky with its Speed Forme. Since Organism No. 2 is moving too fast, Giovanni notes that Mewtwo might hit Red if it tries to attack. Red states that it doesn't matter and tells Mewtwo to attack Organism No. 2's core even if he has to hit him. Organism No. 2 changes into its Defense Forme and Mewtwo firesfire a powerful blast straight at its chest. The attack defeats Organism No. 2 and causes it to fall onto the battlefield below. Giovanni questions why Organism No. 2 turned into its Defense Forme when it could have easily blocked the move with its speed. Giovanni quickly notices that Organism No. 2 is rapidly shifting between its Attack and Defense Formes and he realizes that Organism No. 2 isn't in agony simply because of being hit by Mewtwo's attack, but because it can only shift between two Formes.
[[PS296|After]] the battle {{adv|Yellow}} arrives on the airship, and her powers allow her to hear Organism No. 2's thoughts while its origins are explained by Sird. When Carr hijacks the airship, Red helps the weakened Organism No. 2 and asks it to use its power to create black holes and send Silver, Giovanni, Yellow, and Mewtwo to safety.
[[PS299|After]] the four are sent to safety, Organism No. 2 helps Red to locate the {{m|Explosion|exploding}} {{p|Forretress}} hidden by Carr to blow up the airship. They dispatch all ten with ease and land the airship safely, and Organism No. 2 thanks Red and sets off to find its comrade, Organism No. 1, and find a region with special meteors that allow them to freely change between form. [[PS302|When]] it leaves, Sird is revealed to be alive after being thrown off the airship, and attempts to capture it. Red, with Yellow in his arms, {{adv|Blue}}, {{adv|Green}}, Silver, and Mewtwo jump in the way of Sird's attack to protect it, and all of them, except Mewtwo, are turned to stone as a result.
==[[Pokemon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission]]==