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In the Pokémon Adventures manga: +chapter subsections
Pokémon Fan Clubs are found in Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh regions. In Kanto and Hoenn the club houses are marked with plaques featuring a {{p|Pikachu}} located in front of the building, while the Sinnoh club house is shown having a heart-shaped plaque in front of the building.
====={{chap|Red, Green & Blue}}=====
The Kanto branch is introduced in ''[[PS010|Danger: High Voltorb]]'' in the {{chap|Red, Green & Blue}}. {{adv|Red}} is made an honorary member of the club by the club's chairman after he saw Red's Pokémon. The members are primarily made up of a group of middle-aged Pokéfans that talk about their favorite Pokémon and read the club magazine. They hate to force Pokémon into battles and they prefer unevolved ones, because they're cuter. In the manga, their Pokémon are stolen by [[Team Rocket]], but they're returned to their Trainers in ''[[PS011|Buzz Off, Electabuzz!]]'' when {{adv|Red}} defeats [[Lt. Surge]].
====={{chap|Ruby & Sapphire}}=====
The Hoenn branch is introduced in ''[[PS200|Tripped Up by Torkoal]]'' where the Pokémon club's chairman brings {{adv|Ruby}} to the club house after making him an honorary member of the club.
====={{chap|Diamond & Pearl}}=====
The Sinnoh branch is introduced in ''[[PS351|Perturbed by Pachirisu]]'' where {{adv|Diamond}}, {{adv|Pearl}}, and {{adv|Platinum}} are made honorary members of the club and taken to the club house by the chairman.