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History: at least mention that he trained with Bruno
[[File:Roxanne Brawly Adventures.png|thumb|250px|Brawly in Pokémon Adventures]]
Brawly used to train with [[Bruno]].
====={{chap|Ruby & Sapphire}}=====
Brawly first appears surfing in Dewford Town, when {{adv|Sapphire}}'s {{p|Wailord|Lorry}} sneezes, causing a giant wave. Sapphire apologizes for the incident, but Brawly states that it was all right, as he enjoyed surfing on the wave. He then reveals himself to be the Gym Leader, much to Sapphire's surprise. He warns Sapphire to challenge him before he goes on a days-long trip the next day. Sapphire promises and heads into [[Granite Cave]] to train for her Gym battle in the morning. After Sapphire finishes her training, both have their battle at the Dewford Gym. Sapphire manages to easily defeat Brawly's first Pokémon, but she struggles with his {{TP|Brawly|Makuhita}}. With the power of Jū, Brawly counters many of Sapphire's attacks, which eventually leads into his Makuhita evolving into {{p|Hariyama}}. Sapphire comes out the victor when she uses her own variation of Jū to counter Hariyama, allowing her to defeat it and earn the Knuckle Badge.