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Claydol (Pokémon)

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
Like in the {{pkmn|games}}, Claydol is [[Buck]]'s main Pokémon. Buck uses it to fight off [[Team Galactic]] at [[Stark Mountain]] in an attempt to protect {{p|Heatran}} and the [[Magma Stone]]. It was first seen in ''[[PS417|Leaping Past Lopunny]]''.
InA Claydol appeared in ''[[PS422|Interrupting Ivysaur]]'', a Claydol under the ownership of aBeck. {{tc|Veteran}}It namedwas Beck appearedpresent during {{adv|Platinum}}'s challenge at the [[Battle Arcade]].
A Claydol appeared inside the [[Sky Pillar]] in ''[[PAORAS02|Omega Alpha Adventure 2]]''.