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On its way from [[Eterna City]] to [[Celestic Town]], a police plane carrying the [[Adamant Orb]] is attacked by a horde of {{p|Golbat}} as well as a {{TP|Saturn|Toxicroak}}. The attack is led by [[Saturn]] of [[Team Galactic]] who notes that everything is going perfectly to plan.
At the Celestic Town [[Pokémon Center]], {{an|Brock}} and {{an|Dawn}} are preparing to head out while {{Ash}} is perfecting a technique to counter [[Fantina]]'s {{m|Hypnosis}} based on Dawn's [[Contest Battle]] [[DP095|the previous day]]. However, the {{pkmn|training}} is put on hold when news soon breaks that the Adamant Orb was successfully stolen by [[Team Galactic]], and the gang learns that the Adamant Orb was on its way to the [[Celestic Town Historical Research Center]], which is currently studying the Adamant Orb's counterpart, the [[Lustrous Orb]]. They also learn that [[Cynthia]] is coming to Celestic Town, and decide to head to the Research Center to see her. Just then [[Nurse Joy]] arrives and Brock begins to hit on her; however, after a few seconds Brock gets the feeling that something is wrong and realizes that {{TP|Brock|Croagunk}} didn't stop his misguided romantic attempts, instead choosing to stare out the window, a fact which gives Brock slight alarm. Meanwhile, outside the Pokémon Center, [[Jessie]], [[James]] and {{MTR}} decide to steal the [[Lustrous Orb]] before Team Galactic can.
OutsideAt the PokémonResearch Center, {{ashfr|the gang}} meets up with Cynthia, who introduces them to her grandmother, [[JessieProfessor Carolina]], head of the Celestic Town Historical Research Center. On a nearby rooftop, [[JamesSaturn]] recognizes Ash and {{MTR}}his plotfriends as the group that [[DP069|interfered]] with their plan to steal the meteorites from [[LustrousVeilstone OrbCity]], beforeand Teamwarns Galactic[[Mars]] canabout them. [[Cyrus]], a world-famous businessman who is responsible for many of the buildings and libraries throughout [[Sinnoh]], approaches the Research Center while Mars and Saturn prepare their attack. As Croagunk once again stares off into space instead of stopping Brock from hitting on Cynthia, Ash and Dawn also take note of Croagunk's strange behavior. {{TRT}} disguise themselves as police officers in order to gain entry into the Research Center.
AtInside the Research Center, {{ashfr|theProfessor gang}}Carolina meetsexplains upthe withtown's Cynthia, who introduces themconnection to her grandmother,the [[ProfessorLegendary CarolinaPokémon]], head{{p|Dialga}} ofand the{{p|Palkia}}, Celesticas Townwell Historicalas Researchher Center.own Onextensive aresearch. nearbyDawn rooftop,and [[Saturn]]Ash recognizesrecognize Ash{{p|Mesprit}} and co.{{p|Azelf}} asfrom a carving of the group{{an|lake thatguardians}}, and relay [[DP069DP001|interferedtheir]] [[DP078|experiences]] with theirthe plantwo toPokémon. stealCynthia tells the meteoritesgang fromthat [[VeilstoneMesprit City]],represents Emotion and warnsAzelf [[Mars]] aboutrepresents themWillpower. [[Cyrus]],Cynthia aalso world-famoustells businessmaneveryone whothat there is responsiblea forthird manylake ofguardian theat buildings[[Lake and librariesAcuity]] throughoutnear [[SinnohSnowpoint City]], approaches{{p|Uxie}} thewho Researchrepresents CenterKnowledge. whileBrock Marsrealizes andthat SaturnUxie prepareis theirthe attack.Pokémon Asthey Croagunkheard onceabout againfrom stares{{an|May}} offand into[[Zoey]] spaceduring insteadthe of[[Wallace stoppingCup]]. BrockCyrus fromsuggests hittingthat onProfessor Cynthia,Carolina show Ash and Dawn also takethe noteLustrous of Croagunk's strange behaviorOrb. {{TRT}}In disguisethe themselvesCelestic asRuins, policebehind officersthe inResearch orderCenter, toMars's gaingang entryfinishes intosetting theup Researchexplosive Centercharges.
InsideTeam theRocket, Researchstill Centerin disguise as police officers, Professorrelieves Carolinathe officers explainsguarding the town'sLustrous connectionOrb, tobut before they can sneak into the room, [[LegendaryOfficer PokémonJenny]] {{p|Dialga}}leads Ash and {{p|Palkia}},co. asdown wellthe ashallway. herProfessor ownCarolina extensiveuses research.a Dawnkey card and Asha recognizepalm {{p|Mesprit}}scanner andto {{p|Azelf}}open fromthe aroom carving ofwith the {{an|lakeLustrous guardians}}Orb, (thoughwhere theyboth doAsh notand knowDawn theirexamine names)the item, andbut relayfeel [[DP001|their]]nothing. [[DP078|experiences]]This withenrages theCyrus, twowho Pokémon.reveals Cynthia tellsthat the gangLustrous thatOrb Mespritmay representsbe Emotiondirectly andconnected Azelfto represents{{p|Arceus|the Willpowerdawn of time}}. CynthiaAs alsoCyrus tellstries everyoneto thatcoax theremore isinformation aout thirdof lakeAsh guardianand atDawn, [[LakeMars Acuity]]sets nearoff [[Snowpointthe City]]explosives, {{p|Uxie}}causing whoa representspanic Knowledgewithin the Research Center. BrockProfessor realizesCarolina finds that Uxiethe isdoor to the Pokémonroom theywith heardthe aboutLustrous fromOrb {{an|May}}won't andreseal. [[Zoey]]The duringsecurity system of the [[WallaceResearch Cup]].Center Cyrusis suggestsrevealed thatto Professorhave Carolinabeen showcompromised, Ashwhich andleads Cynthia Dawnto suggest moving the Lustrous Orb. InAsh thevolunteers Celesticto Ruins,help behindprotect the Research Centerorb, Mars'sand gangOfficer finishesJenny settingrecruits upthe explosivein-disguise chargesTeam Rocket to help, as well.
Team Rocket, still in disguise as police officers, relieve the officers guarding the Lustrous Orb, but before they can sneak into the room, [[Officer Jenny]] leads Ash and co. down the hallway. Professor Carolina uses a key card and a palm scanner to open the room with the Lustrous Orb, where both Ash and Dawn examine the item, but feel nothing. This enrages Cyrus, who reveals that the Lustrous Orb may be directly connected to {{p|Arceus|the dawn of time}}. As Cyrus tries to coax more information out of Ash and Dawn, Mars sets off the explosives, causing a panic within the Research Center. Professor Carolina finds that the door to the room with the Lustrous Orb won't reseal. The security system of the Research Center is revealed to have been compromised, which leads Cynthia to suggest moving the Lustrous Orb. Ash volunteers to help protect the orb, and Officer Jenny recruits the in-disguise Team Rocket to help, as well.
Saturn and his Toxicroak lead a team of helicopters to the roof of the Research Center. Brock's Croagunk releases itself from its [[Poké Ball]] and heads down a hallway, causing Brock to chase after it while the rest of the group takes the Lustrous Orb to the main entrance way, where Saturn is waiting. Saturn reveals that his {{p|Bronzor}} has put everyone outside to sleep, while his Toxicroak has taken care of everyone inside. Toxicroak, however, is shown to be in a face-off with Croagunk, and Brock realizes that Croagunk had sensed Toxicroak's presence all along.