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In the anime
==In the anime==
[[File:Brawly anime.png|thumb|220px200px|Brawly in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
Brawly debutedonce intrained with ''[[AG020|Brave the WaveChuck]]''. {{Ash}} was very annoyed that Brawly would put off, a [[Gym battleLeader]] infrom favor of going surfing[[Johto]]. At first, Ash was unable to realize Brawly wasteaches trainingmany hisof Pokémonthe bylocals takinghow themto surfingsurf andas teachingwell themas how to dodgetrain and concentrate on keeping their balancePokémon. A combinationMany of thishis specialpupils form of dodging and Ash's own arrogance allowed Brawly to bestat the younger[[Gym]] Trainerare despite a type disadvantage. After this and a conversation with Brawly where he explained his techniques, Ash trained for several weeks in anticipation of a rematch. Ash even went so far as to copy Brawly'{{tc|Surfer}}s wave-training to teach his Pokémon how to dodge and resistlike attackshimself.
Brawly reappeareddebuted in ''[[AG030AG020|ABrave Medititethe Fight!Wave]]'', where. {{Ash}} battledwas onevery ofannoyed Brawly's [[Shauna (Hoenn)|students]] in a storm.that Brawly showedwould up and told them to callput off thea match until the storm passed. Brawly led everyone, even[[Gym]] {{TRTpkmn|battle}}, toin afavor caveof ongoing thesurfing, shoreand tohe waitwent for the stormon to pass.interrupt Aftertheir seeingmorning Ash'ssurf battle against his star pupil,session. Brawly agreedwas tounfazed aand rematcheven inhelped aAsh private arena—a wave-swept islet off the coast of Dewford. Using his Pokémon's new techniques and histo newly-caughtrecover {{AP|CorphishPikachu}}, Ashfrom was finally able to claim the Knuckle Badge in ''[[AG031|Just One of the Geysers!]]''{{TRT}}.
BrawlyAfter onceseeing trainedPikachu withsend [[Chuck]]Team Rocket blasting off, Brawly offered Ash a Gym Leaderchallenge. fromAsh eagerly accepted and the pair walked over the [[JohtoDewford Gym]] battlefield. Brawly[[Ash's teachesTaillow]] manytook ofon Brawly's {{p|Machop}} in the localsfirst howround, tobut surfit aswas welldefeated asby howa single {{m|Cross Chop}}. [[Ash's Treecko]] managed to traindefeat PokémonMachop with its speed and a direct {{m|Pound}} attack. ManyBrawly ofdefeated Ash with his pupils[[Evolution|newly-evolved]] at{{TP|Brawly|Hariyama}}, theand Gymin arepart because of surfersAsh's likeown himselfarrogance.
Afterwards, Ash caught up with Brawly on the beach, and Brawly went on to explain the importance of his surf training to his battle strategy. Ash took on Brawly's advice and trained for several weeks on [[Dewford Island]] in anticipation of a [[rematch]]. Ash even went so far as to copy Brawly's wave-training to teach his own Pokémon to dodge and resist attacks.
In ''[[AG030|A Meditite Fight!]]'', Brawly interrupted Ash's battle against his student {{ho|Shauna}} because of a brewing storm. Brawly led everyone, some [[wild Pokémon]] and even Team Rocket, to a cave on the shore to wait for the storm to pass. The storm ended, but Team Rocket returned to their usual ploy of trying to steal Pikachu, but Brawly's Hariyama quickly sent the trio blasting off. Afterwards, Brawly refereed a match between Ash and Shauna. While Ash won, Brawly was thrilled to see Shauna had connected with her {{p|Meditite}} and officially made her one of his apprentices.
Brawly also agreed to a rematch against Ash in a private arena—a wave-swept islet off the coast of Dewford. Using his Pokémon's new techniques and his newly-caught {{AP|Corphish}}, Ash was finally able to claim the {{Badge|Knuckle}} in ''[[AG031|Just One of the Geysers!]]''.
He reappeared in flashbacks in ''[[AG075|Whiscash and Ash]]'' and ''[[AG149|Wheel of Frontier]]''.
Brawly is calm and approachable. He also has a great respect for nature, as revealed in ''[[AG030|A Meditite Fight!]]''.
Like his mentor [[Chuck]], Brawly's {{pkmn|battle}} style is based on focus. At first, Ash was unable to realize that Brawly's surf training had helped him to develop his Pokémon's unique dodge and concentrated balance techniques. Surfing has taught them to concentrate their center of gravity by bending their legs, while their upper bodies are prepared to launch or fend off an attack.
|vajp=Shin'ichirō Miki
|vaen=Wayne Grayson
|desc={{p|Machop}} was the first Pokémon Brawly used against {{Ash}} in both the first [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}} and the [[rematch]]. During the first match, it was sent up against {{AP|Taillow}}. Although Taillow kept using {{m|Wing Attack}} and hitting it, Machop kept getting up and eventually managed to knock Taillow out with a Cross Chop. Then, Ash used {{AP|Treecko}}, which was finally able to defeat it.
In Ash and Brawly's rematch, Machop was again used first. It began to overpower Treecko, but fell to Ash's newly-{{pkmn2|caught}} {{AP|Corphish}}.
It reappeared in a flashback in ''[[AG021|Which Wurmple's Which?]]''.
|vajp=Unshō Ishizuka
|vaen=Maddie Blaustein
|desc={{p|Hariyama}} first appeared as a {{p|Makuhita}}. During a [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}} with {{AP|Treecko}}, it [[Evolution|evolved]] into Hariyama and defeated Treecko. After helping the gang to escape from a violent storm, Ash had his [[rematch]] against Brawly. Hariyama was able to defeat {{AP|Corphish}} and almost defeated Treecko, but thanks to Ash's newly developed strategy, Treecko was able to defeat Hariyama after a fierce battle.}}
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