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Ash and the others set off to explore Poni Island, reaching the [[Ancient Poni Path]]. Kiawe urges Ash to slow down and assures him that he won't find Tapu Fini any faster. Rotom then spots a Golurk working the fields and scans it into its database. Mallow is thrilled to see Golurk harvest a Poni daikon, known for their extreme length. Ash is eager is assist and as he prepares to climb the picket fence he hears a voice that tells him to stay out. The voice commands Golurk to use {{m|Flash Cannon}}. The attack sends Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}} hurtling away, but {{TP|Mallow|Tsareena}} manages to stop their momentum. Hapu reveals herself to the group and challenges them; assuming that they are daikon thieves. Ash accepts the challenge and has Pikachu make the first move, a {{m|Quick Attack}}. Hapu remains stern and states that Quick Attack won't work because of Golurk's {{t|Ghost}} typing. Pikachu then strikes Golurk's leg with an {{m|Iron Tail}} causing the Giant Pokemon to fall into a kneeling position. Hapu takes note of Ash's strategy and under her breath admits that it was clever. Ash has Pikachu go in for another Quick Attack and Iron Tail combo, but Golurk grabs a hold of Pikachu's tail and slams him into the ground. Pikahcu is then knocked out by Golurk's {{m|High Horsepower}}. Hapu warns Ash’s group to not return to steal her crops before walking off with her Golurk and {{p|Mudsdale}}.
Ash and his friends return to the [[Pokémon Center]], and Pikachu makes a swift recovery thanks to its treatment. Joy overhears Ash and Kiawe's conversation about the Golurk {{pkmn|Trainer}} they met, and she adds that the girl's name is Hapu. Nurse Joy explains that Hapu prefers to live alone, and while her parents live close by, she is deeply attached to her grandfather Sofū's land. Kiawe recognizes the name and claims that [[Kiawe's grandfather|his grandfather]] was friends with Sofū. Joy adds that Hapu grew up around adults, and this contributed to her stubborn determination to win. Lillie is still unsure as to why they were called daikon thieves, and Joy replies that Hapu has recently been struggling with a series of thefts. Mallow is keen to taste some Poni daikon, and luckily Joy has some remaining. Everyone takes a bite, but Ash, Kiawe, Sophocles, and Lillie finds it too spicy, while Lana, Mallow, and CharjabugTsareena enjoy the taste. Then, everyone{{TP|Kiawe|Marowak}} takes a bite and finds it tolerable, much to Kiawe's surprise. The rest of the Pokémon try the daikon and all but [[Nagisa]] and Charjabug finds the daikon too spicy. Joy admits the daikon is an acquired taste, but Hapu's produce is particularly good. Meanwhile on Hapu's property, Hapu contemplates Ash's odd decision to send out Pikachu against her Golurk.
Soon, Ash and his friends split up to do their own activities; Lana is going [[fishing]] before catching up with Ida, Lillie and Mallow decide to explore the Seafolk Village markets, Kiawe and Sophocles decide to do more training while Ash is set on locating Tapu Fini. Hapu looks out at the ocean and sets off on her Golurk to do a patrol after noticing that the sea is particularly still. Ash soon reaches a beach, hoping to find Tapu Fini, but he instead finds a group of Oricorio. Suddenly, someone throws out a daikon on a string and it immediately attracts one of the Oricorio. The [[Team Skull]] trio, [[Rapp]], [[Tupp]] and [[Zipp]], are then revealed to be the culprits and have already netted themselves several Oricorio. Tupp plans to have the Oricorio perform as dancers to the entrance of Team Skull Paradise. The trio is surprised to see Ash and go on to explain that they are on Poni Island to create Team Skull's Paradise. Tupp declines Ash's demands and the trio then sends out their {{p|Salandit}}, {{p|Zubat}}, and {{p|Garbodor}} against Pikachu.