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Sophocles's Togedemaru

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She has been shown to be a sore loser, as shown in ''[[SM013|Racing to a Big Event!]]'' when she attacked her Trainer after he got eliminated from the [[Pokémon Pancake Race]]. She has also shown to have a slightly darker side in the [[Poké Problem]] segment for [[SM083]], where she smirked at the idea of scaring students and their Pokémon at the Pokémon School due to her increase in size from [[Faba]]'s size altering machine. In [[SM104]], Togedemaru was shown to have a distaste for [[Poni Island]] daikon.
In [[SM106]] whilst Sophocles was trying to battle with Charjabug so it could evolve into {{p|Vikavolt}}, Togedemaru absorbedwas theshown electricityto thatbe inconsiderate by absorbing Charjabug's {{m|Discharge}} gathered and attacked a wild {{p|Golduck}} with {{m|Zing Zap}}.
==Moves used==