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Sophocles (anime)

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[[File:Poké Problem extra scene SM006.png|thumb|250px|Sophocles sleeping with Togedemaru by his side]]
Sophocles is an intelligent young boy with a knack for inventing helpful devices and machinery. He is also a skilled {{pkmn|Trainer}} of {{type|Electric}} Pokémon, often using them to power his inventions. While at times rude and prone to absorbing himself in his technological activities, he is friendly and greatly cares for his Pokémon and classmates. In ''[[SM006|A Shocking Grocery Run!]]'', it was revealed that Sophocles likes to collect information on all sort of things, such as the best ice cream in Alola. In the same episode, it is also revealed that he has a fear of dark places, but is never scared at night as long as he has his Togedemaru with him. Sophocles tends to get bashful when people complement him on his knowledge, responding with a shy "{{tt|Mā, ne...|'Yeah, well.'}}" in the original Japanese version of the anime – a pun on his Japanese name, Māmane.
[[File:Sophocles and his Pokémon.png|thumb|250px|left|Sophocles's team from ''[[SM026|So Long, Sophocles!]]'' to [[SM105]].]]
Much like {{an|Clemont}}, Sophocles fails to do tasks that require physical activity as shown in ''[[SM002|The Guardian's Challenge!]]'', when he needed help to climb over a log, and in ''[[SM013|Racing to a Big Event!]]'', during the [[Pokémon Pancake Race]]. He also shows an interest in robotics. In ''[[SM082|All They Want to Do is Dance Dance!]]'', it is revealed he converted the car he got for Charjabug in ''[[SM041|Mounting an Electrifying Charge!]]'' into a miniature mecha called that can dock with Togedemaru, named '''TogeCharja Perfect Form Robot Deluxe''' (Japanese: '''トゲデンヂロボットパーフェクトフォルムデラックス''' ''TogeDendi Robot Perfect Form Deluxe''). The mecha was seen again in [[SM093]].
Sophocles also has a defensive side, which was seen in ''[[SM041|Mounting an Electrifying Charge!]]'', when he stood up for himself and his Charjabug after being mocked by [[Horacio]].