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The '''Fairy type''' is one of the eleven {{TCG|Type|TCG types}}. It is represented by the color pink and symbolized by two shapes resembling a star and a pair of wings or cupped "healing hands" surrounding it. It may also be a stylized depiction of {{p|Xerneas}}'s antlers.
The Fairy type contains allmost {{type|Fairy}} Pokémon found in the main series video games. For example, {{p|Xerneas}}, {{p|Sylveon}}, and {{p|Aromatisse}} are Fairy types in the TCG. Some Pokémon that were classed as {{TCG|Colorless}} types prior to the {{TCG|Kalos Starter Set}}, such as {{p|Snubbull}}, are now Fairy types.
The Fairy type debuted in the {{TCG|Kalos Starter Set}}. Eleven additional Fairy-type Pokémon were introduced in the {{TCG|XY}} expansion.