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As Mikey is about to reveal his decision, Team Rocket arrives in their balloon and says their motto while eating all of the party food. {{TP|James|Weezing}} then uses {{m|Smokescreen}}. Ash brings out {{AP|Pidgeotto}} to use {{m|Gust}}, though as the smoke clears, everyone realizes that all of the Pokémon (except for Misty's {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}}, much to her annoyance), the evolution stones, and the food are all missing. Brock notices that Team Rocket is getting away in their balloon, and Ash has Pidgeotto stop it. The balloon crash-lands, but it turns out to be a decoy when it turns up empty. Meanwhile, as Team Rocket are driving along the road with the Pokémon in cages, Horsea leaves a trail of ink to follow. The strategy works as Pidgeotto spots the ink and goes on to alert Ash and the others.
At a lake, Team Rocket has a picnic with the food that they stole. They then realize that they need to decide what to evolve Eevee into. They soon argue about it, until Jessie blows a whistle and says that they should use all of the evolution stones at once. They are about to evolve Eevee when Ash has {{p|Squirtle}} use {{m|Water Gun}}. Unfortunately, Psyduck intrudes and uses a weak Water Gun, which fails. Squirtle then uses Water Gun on James and Meowth, which sends them backwardsbackward, and Jessie tells them to stop as she picks up Eevee's cage. She brings out {{p|Arbok}} after Misty calls her old, while James brings out Weezing. Misty and Ash prepare to battle with their Pokémon, but the Eevee brothers stop them and say that they must be the ones to battle, since it is their brother's Eevee that was stolen.
The brothers get ready to attack with Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. Arbok uses {{m|Poison Sting}}, while Jolteon counters with {{m|Pin Missile}}, which hits Arbok. Weezing uses {{m|Sludge}}, but Vaporeon blends into the water using {{m|Acid Armor}}, making it virtually invisible. Weezing's attack misses as Vaporeon leaps out of the water with {{m|Tackle}}, and Weezing lands on top of James. Team Rocket tries to run away, but Flareon uses {{m|Fire Spin}} to stop them. The brothers demand that Team Rocket give back the stolen Pokémon, but Jessie has Arbok use {{m|Tackle}} on Jolteon, while Weezing uses Sludge on Flareon and Vaporeon. Horsea spits out ink into Jessie's face, which sends Eevee flying, and it lands in Mikey's arms. Pikachu uses {{m|Thunderbolt}} on Team Rocket, but they keep going.
As Mikey pulls Eevee out of the cage, he looks over and notices that his brothers' Pokémon are severely hurt. Team Rocket decides that it was time to finish them off. Mikey stands up and decides that he and Eevee are going to have their first battle. Mikey commands Eevee to use {{m|Take Down}}, and then has Eevee turn it into an improvised Rage Tackle, which sends Team Rocket blasting off. Mikey's brothers congratulate him on his first win, and Mikey tells them that he just wanted to help everybody out. Then, he acts on Misty's advice and tells his brothers that he wants to become an Eevee Trainer. The Eevee brothers accept his decision, and Sparky says that they should turn the party into a celebration of Mikey's first victory. During the party, Mikey thanks Misty for helping him, gives her a flower, and share a little finger promise to be friends forever. Later, everyone at the party then gathers for a picture, with. Psyduck takinggets itthe camera ready and goes to join the shot, but it trips and falls down as the shot is taken.
Meanwhile, later in the night, Team Rocket return to eating canned food, much to their disappointment. Jessie says that they will be champions of the world, and they all optimistically agree.