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Battle Pyramid

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The Battle Pyramid is a 7-layer pyramid where challengers must advance from one level to the next by stepping on a blue tile. Each level is shrouded in darkness, and can only be lit up by defeating opponents on the level. AfterAs a battle, a defeated trainer may provide the player with contextual hints on certain aspects of the challengefacility, suchbattles asconducted thehere location of a given floor's exit, the number of remaining Trainers to be fought on a floor, or the number of remaining items on a given floor. The Ability {{a|Run Away}} doesdo not guaranteeaward [[escapeexperience]] here, but will be credited if the player does successfully escape with aor [[Pokémon withDollar|prize the Abilitymoney]].
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Trainers cannot take any items into the Battle Quest; items found during the Battle Quest are stored in the Battle Bag, which can only be accessed during the challenge. The Battle Bag has 10 different slots, each capable of holding up to 99 of one type of item. When the player starts a new streak, they start with one [[Hyper Potion]] and one [[Ether]] in their Battle Bag. If the player successfully completes the Battle Quest (clearing all seven floors), the items in their Battle Bag are carried over for their next challenge (items that were held by Pokémon at the end of the challenge are placed in the Battle Bag). When the player successfully completes a round, if they have more than 10 different types of item between their Battle Bag and their Pokémon's held items, they must discard items so that they only have 10 types.
No Pokémon may enter if it is holding an item. Any Pokémon can be entered for battle, except for the following Pokémon:
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|- style="text-align:center"
| style="background: #fff; {{roundytl|5px}}" | {{MSP|150|Mewtwo}}
| style="background: #fff" | {{p|Mewtwo}}
| style="background: #fff" | {{MSP|151|Mew}}
| style="background: #fff" | {{p|Mew}}
| style="background: #fff" | {{MSP|249|Lugia}}
| style="background: #fff" | {{p|Lugia}}
| style="background: #fff" | {{MSP|250|Ho-Oh}}
| style="background: #fff" | {{p|Ho-Oh}}
| style="background: #fff" | {{MSP|251|Celebi}}
| style="background: #fff; {{roundytr|5px}}" | {{p|Celebi}}
|- style="text-align:center; background: #fff"
| {{MSP|382|Kyogre}}
| {{p|Kyogre}}
| {{MSP|383|Groudon}}
| {{p|Groudon}}
| {{MSP|384|Rayquaza}}
| {{p|Rayquaza}}
| {{MSP|385|Jirachi}}
| {{p|Jirachi}}
| {{MSP|386S|Deoxys}}
| {{p|Deoxys}}<br><small>[[Form differences#Deoxys|Speed Forme]]</small>
|- style="text-align:center"
| style="background: #fff;" | {{MS|egg|Pokémon Egg}}
| style="background: #fff;" | {{pkmn|Egg}}
===Wild Pokémon===
| style="text-align:center" | 6
| style="white-space:nowrap" | I sense terrific energy rising from<br>the ground below…<br>…And, I see your POKéMON unable to<br>escape the power's clutches…
| Pokémon with {{cat|trapping Abilities that prevent [[escape]]}}
| {{p|Diglett}}, {{p|Trapinch}}, {{p|Wynaut}}, {{p|Wobbuffet}} and {{p|Dugtrio}}
|- style="background:#{{ice color light}}"
Item balls on the ground and {{a|Pickup}} share the same pool of items. TheseThe items available change pereach round (every 7 floors/1 round).
The items found include {{cat|HP-restoring items|HP-restoring}} and {{cat|PP-restoring items|PP-restoring}} items, [[Fluffy Tail]]s, status-restoring [[Berry|Berries]], [[Revive]]s, [[Sacred Ash]]es, [[battle item]]s, as well as various [[held item]]s.
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===Pyramid King===
After passing throughclearing 21 floors (three passes/rounds through) and 70 floors (ten passes/rounds), [[Pyramid King Brandon]] appears at the top to challenge the player. If he is defeated, he awards the Brave Symbol.
====Silver Symbol challenge====