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The '''Pokémon Training Manual''' by Simcha Whitehill was released on October 30, 2018 in a set with three Poke[[Poké Ball]] erasers which resemble the Poke Ball, the {{ball|Timer Ball}}, and the {{ball|Great Ball}}. It is a guide to all of the core aspects in the {{pkmn|anime}}.
'''''This manual has all the info you need to know to catch, collect, train, and battle Pokemon. Inside you'll find:'''''
* Stats and facts on all known first[[starter partner PokemonPokémon]]
* Step-by-step instructions on how to hatch Eggs{{pkmn|Egg}}s and {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} PokemonPokémon in the {{pkmn2|wild}}
* A complete guide to PokemonPokémon types[[type]]s, [[Gym Leaders]], and [[Gym]] battles{{pkmn|battle}}s
* Data on different PokePoké Balls and when to use them
* Proven battle training techniques
'''''..plus much, much more. It's your must-have guide to becoming the best Trainer you can be!'''''
* Introduction
* What Is A PokemonPokémon Trainer?
* Getting Started
* First Partner PokemonPokémon
* On The Road
* How To Catch 'Em All
* Better Luck Next Time
* The PokePoké Ball
* Training Your Pokemon
*Pokemon Pokémon Battles
* Recalling PokemonPokémon During a Battle
*Pokemon Pokémon Types
*Pokemon Pokémon Trainers
*Pokemon Pokémon Professors
* The PokedexPokédex
* The PokemonPokémon League
* The Island Challenge
* Special Spots for Trainers
* Cool Tech
* Trainers, Beware!
* Abandoned PokemonPokémon
* Legendary and Mythical PokemonPokémon
* Legendary PokemonPokémon
* Island Guardians
* Mythical PokemonPokémon
*Pokemon Pokémon Evolution
* Eevee and Its Evolutions
* Mega Evolution
* Z-Moves
* Farewell
* Any game[[Villainous teams|villainous team]] that appeared in the anime are not mentioned in "Trainers, Beware!" despite only [[Team Skull]] being mentioned in said section.
*A An image of a closed [[Kalos]] Pokedex[[Pokédex]] appears on page 71, most likely as a misinterpretation of the Pokenav[[PokéNav]].
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