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|desc=As a sign of its strength, {{p|Poliwrath}} proudly wears the golden championship belt that it won in a local competition. Tad sent out Poliwrath against [[Ash's Pikachu]]. Despite having the [[type]] advantage, Pikachu ended up losing, with Poliwrath using Double Team to exhaust Pikachu's electricity before using a combination of Hypnosis and Water Gun. Ash then proceeded to sent out his {{AP|Charizard}}, but Charizard refused to listen to Ash's orders, and kept using {{m|Flamethrower}} against the {{type|Water}} Pokémon. The battle ended when Tad had his Poliwrath {{status|freeze}} Charizard with Ice Beam.
The next day, it had a [[rematch]] against Ash's now controlled Charizard, who finally knocked Poliwrath out with its {{m|Seismic Toss}}.
It reappeared in Ash's flashback in ''[[BW116|The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!]]''.