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As {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} have finally reachedreach [[Olivine City]], and he is off to the [[Olivine Gym|Gym]] right away, and neither {{an|Brock}} or {{an|Misty}} follow right behind. {{TRT}} spies on them using trash cans as a disguise. The reflected light from a large office building catches the trio's attention, butand [[Jessie]] issuggests blindedthey bycould abe gleaminghired lightand comingearn fromlots aof humongous buildingmoney. ThinkingWith that it is an office building, theTeam threeRocket ofrushes them run towardsto the building, inbut hopesthey ofare gettingstopped jobsat andthe makingentrance lotsby oftwo Howeverguards, twowho guards blockask the entrancetrio andto askshow fortheir [[Badge]]s. [[James]] shows ahis prized collectionbottle bookcaps, but the guards sayclarify that they need to see [[Badge|Gym Badges]] areBadges, needed.revealing Theythe havebuilding unknowingly stumbled ontois the {{Gdis|Battle Tower|II}}. The news leaves Team Rocket downtrodden.
Ash reaches the Olivine Gym and enters it, hoping to just breeze though this {{pkmn|battle}}. When he approaches the {{pkmn|Trainer}} box, a girl comes out, claiming herself to be the leader[[Gym Leader]], [[Jasmine]]. Ash seems to believe her and challenges "Jasmine" to a fight. "Jasmine" callsdeclares outthat the match will a three-on-three and she selects an {{p|Onix}} which seems to be coated with something. On impulse, Ash calls out {{AP|Totodile}} to make short work of thisthe {{type|Rock}}. Ash commands Totodile to use {{m|Water Gun}}. The attack is effective at first but somehow, the Onix breaks through and {{m|Tackle}}sknock Totodile downout inwith onea shot,single knocking it out{{m|Tackle}}. Ash sends outselects {{AP|Pikachu}} andwho Pikachubegins doesthe round with a {{m|Quick Attack}}. butA voice calls for the match to stop, and it is revealed to the real [[Jasmine]], stopsmuch themto everyone's surprise. TheJasmine reveals that the girl is her apprentice, [[Janina]], and Janinacalls explainsfor thather sheyoung usedapprentice to pay a lotvisit ofto sealingher waxoffice onimmediately. Onix,Janina makingapologizes itto imperviousAsh for the false match before explaining her conduct to Jasmine. Janina admits that she covered her Onix in water repellent wax. Jasmine isn'tis alldeeply toodisappointed agreeableand onexpels thather partyoung andapprentice tellsto Janinaallow her time to scrublearn itto truly communicate with her offPokemon. AshJanina challengesleaves the Gym feeling upset. Meanwhile, inside Jasmine butoffers itAsh seemsher sincerest apologies. She admits that she haswould somegladly otherbattle thingshim, though she is too exhausted from being concerned about [[Amphy|Sparkle]]. Jasmine suddenly receives a call and leaves the Gym to doimmediately attend to the urgent matter.
Ash and thehis gangfriends sitventure outover into a park talkingto aboutdiscuss what they should do now, untiland are still unsure who "Sparkle" is or when Jasmine might battle thenAsh. They spot Janina in a sandbox, and she admits that she is scrubbing heroff the water repellent wax that she used on Onix. inThe arevelation sandboxexplains why Totodile lost earlier. Brock is initially disappointed, but he informs Janina that she has to focus on building up her Pokemon’s natural strengths. Janina is encouraged by the advice, admitting that Jasmine said something similar before. Ash is suddenly reminded about Jasmine and asks where she might be, and Janina explains that Jasmine has been up to something at the [[Glitter Lighthouse|Shining Lighthouse]], which is why she's busy all the time. Ash decides they should go check it out.
They get to the pier, and spot two lighthouses. Brock reads his guidebook which reveals that the smaller lighthouse is the oldest of the pair, and uponis known as the Shining Lighthouse. Upon reaching the top, they find Jasmine, her grandfather {{OBP|Myron|EP208}}, and an {{p|Ampharos}} that seems to be ill. GrandpaAsh challenges Jasmine to a Gym match, but she clarifies that Sparkle, her ill Ampharos, needs time to recover. Myron explains that this [[Amphy|Ampharos]] is the source of light source for the lighthouse because its tail creates quite a glow. The Shining Lighthouse used to be the main lighthouse, but anotheran electric lighthouse tookhas since taken over. He says that he ordered a cure from someonethe pharmacy atin [[Cianwood City]], but neither he nor Jasmine has any time to get it. Ash tells them that he'll go get the medicine.
Team Rocket spies from the outside glass and set their sights on the Ampharos. Jasmine spots them and they quickly get into their blimp[[Team andRocket's launchmechas|balloon]]. a{{MTR}} bomblaunches thata seems"mystery tomissile" gowhich towardssmashes themthrough butthe goeslighthouse's straight uproof and thenlands downinside. AfterThe itmissile landsdoesn't detonate, but as Ash cautiously approaches it, {{TP|James|Weezing}} pops out and uses {{m|Smokescreen}}. Brock gets Ampharos and carries it downstairs to escape. Just as heBrock gets towards the entrance, a cage forms uparound on Brockhim and thenSparkle. Soon he is trailed off by Team Rocket. Brock tries to kick his way out, but no luck.
Meanwhile, Janina, iswho was walking alongnear the port, andis seesalerted to the smokechaos fromby the lighthouse.plume Sheof catchesSmokescreen up withfrom the othersGlittering andLighthouse. sheShe insistsinterrupts onTeam helping.Rocket's Sheseemingly getsclean ongetaway Onixand andorders commencesher Onix to attack,retrieve butthe cage. Jessie sendscalls outon {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}}, and Arbokit useswraps {{m|Poisonits Sting}}tail around the cage in preparation for a counterattack. Onix deflects the pins{{m|Poison Sting}}, shielding Janina. Soon,in Teamthe Rocketprocess. zipsMeowth outmoves towardsthe balloon over the ocean, sinceand Onixthey can'tare bejust inout water.of Onix's givesreach. chaseWhen butthe soonsituation stopsseems athopeless, theJanina endnotices ofArbok adangling pier. Then Janinaand gets a goodan idea. andShe hops off Onix and, then Onix bites onto a tsunami barrier. Onixand swings its tail andto latchesgrab ontoa Arbok,hold stretchingof itArbok. Team Rocket tries to get away, but Onix pulls harder than the balloon can get away, which puts Arbok in an evenunder worsemore statestrain. Soon, Janina grabs a chipped off piece of rock and climbs up to the cage. She gives the cage a few hits and the lock breaks open, freeing Brock. When they get down, Janina says Pikachu can use any electrical{{t|Electric}} attack, because Onix isn't going to be affected. Ash has Pikachu use {{m|Thunderbolt}}, which electrocutes Team Rocket, and then Onix tosses them out into the sky.
Jasmine is actuallyhappily reunited with Sparkle and also quite impressed with Janina. SheHowever, givesJanina heris anotherstill shotsad andabout asksbeing ofexpelled earlier, but Jasmine assures her that there is still a favor:place for her at the Olivine Gym. Myron notices the ferry service to goCianwood City is about to leave. Jasmine asks Janina to getretrieve the medicine from the Cianwood Citypharmacy, and the young apprentice happily accepts the favor. GrandpaAsh, however, is now wondering what he will do while he waits to battle Jasmine. Myron addsinforms him that thereCianwood ishas a [[Cianwood Gym|Gym]], in Cianwood. Excited,so Ash and his friends, along withaccompany Janina, go ontoon the boatship headedbound for Cianwood City. The ship leaves the Olivine port, and at its anchor lifts from the seafloor the Rocket trio are also pulled up.
==Major events==
* This episode's dub title is a reference to the saying "''fight for the right''". It shares this trait with [[AG054|a later episode]].
* This episode marks the first {{pkmn|anime}} appearance of a [[Battle Tower]], which was first introduced in {{game|Crystal}}.
* This episode marks the anime debut of the [[Pokégear]].
|bg={{tt|Битка за светлина!|Fight for the light!}}
|zh_cmn={{tt|光輝燈塔!淺蔥市的戰鬥|Radiance (Glitter) Lighthouselighthouse! Battle at Qiǎncōng (Olivine) City}}
|cs={{tt|Bitva o světlo|Battle for the light}}
|nl={{tt|Strijd voor het Licht!|Battle for the Light!}}
|de={{tt|Das kranke Ampharos|The ill Ampharos}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Que la lumière soit|Let there be light}}
|he=הקרב על האור {{tt|hakrav''Ha'krav al ha'or''|BattleThe battle for the light}}
|hi=लाइट के लिए फाइट! {{tt|''Light ke liye Fight!''|Fight for the Light!}} {{tt|*|Hungama dub}}
|it={{tt|Avventure al faro!|Adventures at the lighthouse!}}
|pl={{tt|Walka o światło|Fight for the light}}
|pt_br={{tt|Um Farol sem Igual!|A Beacon like no Other}}
|pt_eu={{tt|Lutar pela Luz!|Fight for the Light!}}
|es_la={{tt|¡Batalla por la luz!|Battle for the light!}}
|es_eu={{tt|En busca de la luz|In search for the light}}
|pl={{tt|Walka o światło|Fight for the light}}
|hi=लाइट के लिए फाइट! {{tt|''Light ke liye Fight!''|Fight for the Light!}} {{tt|*|Hungama dub}}