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{{Ash}} is finally {{pkmn|training}} for the [[Pokémon League]], first by battling {{an|Brock}}, with {{AP|Pikachu}} pitted against {{TP|Brock|Vulpix}}. Pikachu is about to use {{m|Thunderbolt}}, and Vulpix is about to use {{m|Flamethrower}}, when {{an|Jigglypuff}} appears in-between them. At Ash and Brock's command, Pikachu and Vulpix fire their attacks in a different direction, destroying a rock wall. As Ash and his friends walk closer, they see that they have uncovered the entrance to a temple, as well as a gigantic bell. They find an ancient artifact in the rubble, and an archaeologist named [[Eve]] takes it.
Eve and the other archaeologists are digging up artifacts related to the ancient city of [[Pokémopolis]], and a professor finds a spoon similar to the first artifact. Pokémopolis was destroyed in a storm a long time ago, and an ancient tablet reads that two great powers of destruction will fight and destroy the world, and no human knows the secret to stop them.