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In the TCG
==In the TCG==
Ultra Beasts were introduced to the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] in the {{TCG|Crimson Invasion}} expansion as a classification of {{TCG|Pokémon}} cards. Certain {{TCG|attack}}s, {{TCG|Ability|Abilities}}, {{TCG|Special EnergyTrainer card}}s, and {{TCG|TrainerSpecial Energy card}}s interact specifically with Ultra Beast cards. Unlike the [[core series]] of games, the TCG considers Dusk Mane Necrozma, Dawn Wings Necrozma, and Ultra Necrozma to be Ultra Beasts. Every Ultra Beast card has an attack or Ability that affects or is affected by the player or opponent's {{TCG|Prize card}}s. In the case of an [[Pokémon-GX (TCG)|Ultra Beast GX card]], this is always its GX attack. With the exception of Necrozma's forms and {{TCG|Tag Team}} Pokémon-GX, each Ultra Beast's GX attack uses its code name. Several of the Ultra Beast-related Trainer cards interact with Prize cards as well. This Prizeassociation cardwith motifPrize cards may be a reference to the Ultra Beasts' [[Ability]] {{a|Beast Boost}} in the core series, as both Beast Boost and Prize cards revolve around knocking out the opponent's Pokémon.
Ultra Beast cards featureare adistinguished redby labela sayingred '''''Ultra Beast''''' positionedlabel superimposed on the card art below the {{stat|HP}} and {{TCG|type}}. Ultra Beast GX cards have a red {{red GX}} graphic instead of the blue {{GX}} graphic depicted on other other Pokémon-GX cards. Additionally, the GX attack bar, effect text, Pokémon-GX rule box, and outlines for the {{TCG|Full Art card|Full Art}} graphics are colored red rather than blue. This associationred with the color redmotif may be a reference to the red aura surrounding wild Ultra Beasts in the core series of games.