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Running Shoes

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==In the manga==
[[File:Ruby Running Shoes Adventures.png|thumb|230px170px|Running Shoes in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
{{adv|Ruby}} received a pair of Running Shoes aswere acreated birthdayby present from his father,the [[Norman]], in ''[[PS182|Making Mirth withDevon MightyenaCorporation]]''. AlthoughThey heuse initiallycompressed threwair themto inpropel the trashwearer, heallowing quicklythem tookto themrun backat high speeds.
They can be deactivated with the press of a button located inside of the shoe.
Running Shoes debuted in ''[[PS182|Making Mirth with Mightyena]]'', where {{adv|DiamondRuby}} wasreceived alsoa seenpair wearingas a pairbirthday ofgift runningfrom shoeshis duringfather, the {{chap|Platinum}}[[Norman]].
In ''[[PokémonPS396|Getting AdventuresPast Gastrodon]]'', the{{adv|Diamond}} Runningwas Shoesrevealed useto compressedown aira topair propelof theRunning wearer,Shoes. He allowingused them to runquickly fasterhead thanto usual[[Lake Verity]].
File:Ruby Running Shoes.png|{{adv|Ruby}} using his Running Shoes
File:Diamond Running Shoes Adventures.png|{{adv|Diamond}}'s Running Shoes