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Rayquaza (Pokémon)

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Other appearances
Rayquaza appears in [[The Subspace Emissary]] mode as a boss. After {{smw|Diddy Kong}} lands in {{sbw|The Lake}}, Rayquaza lunges out of the water and grabs him, angry at being disrupted. Before it can further attack, {{smw|Fox McCloud|Fox}} ejects out of his ship, which had crashed and been destroyed by Rayquaza earlier, and rescues Diddy Kong. Enraged, Rayquaza attacks Fox with {{m|Dragon Pulse}}, but Fox {{sbw|Reflector|reflects}} its attack back at it, sending it reeling back into the water. Rayquaza soon launches back out and engages in battle against Fox and Diddy Kong.
Like all other Subspace Emissary bosses, Rayquaza is soonlater battled again in {{sbw|The Great Maze}}, and can be fought in the {{sbw|Boss Battles}} mode after the latter is unlocked. Its attacks in battle include {{m|ExtremeSpeed}}, {{m|Thunder}}, {{m|Dig}}{{tt|*|Can't learn this legitimately}}, {{m|Iron Tail}}, and {{m|Fly}}.
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