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* This episode is featured on ''Pokémon All-Stars: Pikachu'' from {{wp|Magna Pacific}}'s {{OBP|Pokémon All-Stars|Region 4}} series.
* Coincidentally, Ash would later attempt to use a Pidgey and {{p|Rattata}} in the following episode against {{TRT}} after failing to capture both Pokémon in this episode.
* This is the season premiere of [[S01|Pokémon: Indigo League]].
* This is the only episode of the original series in which the [[Team Rocket trio]] does not appear. The next time would not occur in the regular episodes until ''[[BW016|Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!]]'', 672 episodes later. They also did not appear in a clip show episode, [[AG120]], which was never aired outside of Japan.
* This episode has the most [[List of Pokémon by anime debut|Pokémon debuts]] in the entire {{pkmn|anime}}, with 16.