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* The book [[Go West, Young Ash]] is based on this episode.
* When [[Professor Elm]] talks to {{an|Professor Oak}}, he mentions an article in a magazine called {{DL|Magazines in the Pokémon world|National Pokégraphic}}, which is a reference to the real-life magazine ''{{wp|National Geographic (magazine)|National Geographic}}''.
* This episode marks a rare instance when Team Rocket's four Pokémon blast off before Team Rocket themselves. It is also the first instance when they are marked as not one but four twinkling stars after blasting off.
* In the original dub of this episode, as well as a few episodes later in [[S03|the third season]], the [[Who's That Pokémon]] segment displayed the same graphics used in [[S01|the first]] and [[S02|second seasons]]. However, this was changed in the newer dubs that re-aired later on in the same year as it originally aired.
* In the {{pmin|Finland|Finnish}} dub, the first eight episodes of the third season had rather poor sound mixing, as some of the lines were too loud and the others were fairly quiet, and the English dub soundtrack may be silently audible in the background.