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Partner Pokémon (Mystery Dungeon)

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Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness
At the deepest part of the Dark Crater, Darkrai tells the truth to the player and partner. He did seek to destroy time by destroying the Temporal Tower. But when he heard of the player and Grovyle's arrival from the future, he attacked them just as they were time travelling. His attack was intended for Grovyle, but the player shielded Grovyle, hence causing the memory loss and transformation into a Pokémon.
He then decides, instead of trying to eliminate the player and partner, he would convince them to join him. The partner appears to be convinced by this, and goes to Darkrai's side. But the player sees through this, knowing it's an illusion, and attacks Darkrai. After Darkrai is defeated in battle, he hatches an escape plan. He summons a dimensional hole that would allow him to plunge the world into darkness in another time. However, Palkia arrives to stop Darkrai once and for all, by firing an attack on Darkrai just as he begins to time-travel. After being assured by Cresselia that it means Darkrai would not return to his wicked ways, the player and partner return to Treasure Town triumphantly. The consequent cutscene is narrated in the partner's voice, where it mentions that it still cannot evolve. This remains the case until [[Marine Resort]] is unlocked and Palkia joins the exploration team.