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Brock's Crobat

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In the anime
After the release of [[Ash's Pidgeot]], Zubat did a lot of the group's scouting, helped further by its supersonic{{m|Supersonic}} ability. In ''[[EP128|The Whistle Stop]]'', Zubat tried to track down a {{p|Ledyba}}, but ended up disturbing a group of {{p|Golbat}}.
[[File:Brock Golbat.png|thumb|250px|As a {{p|Golbat}}]]
===Personality and characteristics===
Due toDespite its few appearances, Crobat haswas shown veryto little personality. However, as with all of Brock's Pokémon, Crobat is a very helpful Pokémon. It is alsobe very loyal totowards its {{pkmn|Trainer}}, due to the amount of training it received and the care Brock gave it. ItIts alsoimpeccable provesspeed toand be{{m|Supersonic}} asonar veryproved kinduseful Pokémonon many occasions, aslike itfinding ismissing seenPokémon helpingor [[Forrest]]guiding trainBrock oftenand inhis thefriends through otherwise [[Pewtertreacherous Gym]]caverns.
===Moves used===