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Generation VII

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Discussion of Generation VII
===Alola thematic motif===
The seventh generation focuses on themes of nature, alternate dimensions, tradition, and relationships. This generation's starters and main legendary trio designs and inspirations are heavily based on alchemical symbols and imagery. [[Rowlet]], [[Litten]], and [[Popplio]]'s designs are based on the alchemic symbols for salt, sulphur, and mercury, respectively, with the later evolutions beingalso seeming to based on symbol variants or other alchemical symbols, and the legendary trio is mainly based on celstial bodies while taking influences from alchemical imagery, specifically the [ Azoth Mandala], which is also where [[Project AZOTH]] from {{g|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}} gets its name: Solgaleo takes inspiration from the {{wp|Suns in alchemy|alchemical lion}} and the Sun, which represents "anima" or "soul"; Lunala is based on the Moon, which represents "spiritus" or "spirit"; and Necrozma is based on stars and prisms, which represents "corpus" or "body".
The [[Aether Foundation]]'s name is also derives from the fifth alchemical element, {{wp|Aether (classical element)| Aether}}.