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[[File:ProfessorKukuiCollectionSun59ProfessorKukuiSunMoon128.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Supporter cards as of the Sun & Moon Series]]
'''Supporter cards''' (Japanese: '''サポーター''' ''Supporter'') are a classification of trading cards that debuted in English in the {{TCG|Expedition Base Set}} with the start of the e-Card Series, and within the {{TCG|P Promotional cards}} during the Web Era in Japan. Originating as a subclass of {{TCG|Trainer card}}s, Supporter cards, as well as {{TCG|Stadium card}}s, were elevated to equal level as Trainer cards with the start of the Diamond & Pearl Series. When the Trainer cards of [[Generation IV]] were reclassified as {{TCG|Item card}}s, the term "Trainer card" became an overarching term, while Supporter and Stadium cards joined Item cards and returned to subclasses of Trainer cards.