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Ash and Delia take a Pokémon Taxi and learn about Ride Pokémon from the driver. Ash remembers the Sharpedo he used earlier and figures out it was a Water Ride Pokémon. Ash then asks Delia where they are taking the egg, to which Delia tells him they're taking it to a place called the [[Pokémon School]]. Mimey then notices some {{Berries}}, informing Delia and they all stop off to take a look. Delia and Mimey are occupied with the berries, so Ash decides to look around and finds a {{p|Grubbin|Pokémon}} with its head sticking out from a hole. Ash crouches down, wondering what its name is, but it gets angry and pinches Ash's nose. After shaking it off, Ash and Pikachu, wanting to catch the Pokémon, give chase as it escapes underground through the town. Delia turns to show Ash the Berries, but notices he has disappeared.
Still chasing after the Pokémon, another {{p|Tapu Koko|strange Pokémon}} darts from tree to tree behind them. After chasing the Pokémon deep into the forest, Ash and Pikachu finally reach the hole in the ground, but find that it is empty. Suddenly, a [[Sitrus Berry]] falls from the sky. Looking up to the sky, Ash wonders where they are and where they were supposed to take the Pokémon egg. The mysterious Pokémon throws another berry down, but it hits something in the bushes. Ash and Pikachu look around the forest and suddenly hear a noise. They continue hearing the noise until they see {{p|Bewear|the Pokémon responsible for the noise}} emerge from the bushes and see it waving at them. It is large and friendly and Ash starts to wave back, calling it cute and approaching it, but his opinion changes immediately once he sees it effortlessly smashing down various tall trees in joy. As the Pokémon then approaches them for a hug, Ash and Pikachu rush off in the opposite direction, but it begins to chase after them, coming close to catching them until it is distracted by the mysterious Pokémon from earlier. Ash and Pikachu, after escaping the rampaging Pokémon, spot a {{pTP|Kiawe|Charizard}} in the air and decide to follow it. Emerging from the forest, Ash and Pikachu arrive at a area with a huge building. Ash spots a {{an|Lillie|girl}} next to some new Pokémon, so he jumps over the fence and heads towards them, but the girl warns Ash to look out as, unknowingly to Ash, various {{p|Tauros}} being ridden by Trainers head straight for him, but before he can get out of the way, they all crash into him. {{an|Mallow|One Trainer}} orders her Tauros to stop, but it is too late as Ash has been trampled by the Tauros. The girl rushes over to Ash to ask how he is, to which Ash tells her that he is used to Tauros as he has caught {{AP|some|Tauros}} before. As one of the Tauros approaches Ash and the girl, only for the latter to back off in fear. It is revealed by a boy that Lillie is scared of Pokémon and can't touch them. After recognizing the girl who was fishing earlier, Ash is informed that he is at the Pokémon School and is shown around.
As Ash and Mallow are looking around the school, Ash is brought to the principal's office, being mistaken as a new student, but as Ash tries to clear things up, he sees his mother and meets the school's principal, [[Samson Oak]], Professor Oak's cousin. The meeting leaves Ash stunned as he learns of Samson's habit of making jokes using Pokémon names. Inside the office, Ash clears things up with Mallow as Samson calls Professor Oak to tell him he has received the egg safely, to which he thanks Delia. Mallow asks Samson if she can show Ash around the campus and shows Ash to the classroom first. Ash is introduced to the class teacher, {{an|Professor Kukui}}, who welcomes them happily. Ash then hears a roar from outside as he sees a group of strange people gathering.
{{an|Kiawe|A boy}} and his Charizard are approached by a group of people. Ash learns that they're part of a group known as [[Team Skull]], who bully people into battling them. [[Tupp]] makes a deal that the boy can leave if he wins their battle, but if he loses, they will get his Charizard and send out their Pokémon, {{DL|Zipp|Yungoos}}, {{DL|Tupper|Salandit}}, and {{DL|Rapp|Zubat}} to begin their battle, ordering him to tell Charizard to fight. Just then, Ash steps in to confront the group, telling them how unfair the battle is and joins the battle himself, introducing himself to the boy, who introduces himself as Kiawe, but tells Ash he doesn't need any help. As Ash sends in Pikachu, Kiawe sends out his {{TP|Kiawe|Turtonator}}, and reveals that it is a Fire and Dragon type, and also a trusted friend of his. The members of Team Skull command their Pokémon to use {{m|Venoshock}}, {{m|Bite}}, and {{m|Leech Life}} respectively, but Pikachu successfully dodges the Venoshock with {{m|Quick Attack}}, as Kiawe comments on Pikachu's speed. The Yungoos and Zubat bite down on Turtonator's shell, them to be attacked by Turtonator's {{m|Shell Trap}}. [[Tupp]]'s Salandit is ordered to use {{m|Flame Burst}}, but Ash tells Pikachu to dodge and use {{m|Thunderbolt}}, which connects with the three Salandit, which impresses the students, as well as the mysterious Pokémon watching from a tree. Kiawe tells Ash to leave the rest to him as he powers up his Turtonator using a crystal on his wrist, which allows his Turtonator to use a move known as {{m|Inferno Overdrive}}, which is strong enough to defeat the villain's Pokémon at once, causing them to retreat. Ash asks Kiawe what he just did, but Professor Kukui steps in to explain that they're known as [[Z-Move]]s, which are moves passed down in Alola after completing the [[island challenge]] on the four islands of Alola. Ash gets excited by all the things he has just learned, but suddenly sees a flying Pokémon, and once describing it to the group, they identify the Pokémon as {{pDL|Guardian deities (anime)|Tapu Koko}}, the [[guardian deities|guardian]] of [[Melemele Island]].
Later that night, Ash, Delia, Pikachu, and Mimey are enjoying a meal at a restaurant. Delia comments on the food, but Ash is thinking about everything that had happened earlier, which is noticed by Delia as she asks him if there was anything that happened to distract him. Ash then hears a noise echoing and recognizes the Pokémon in a tree, leaving the restaurant and immediately chasing after it. Searching around, he encounters it again, following and meeting it at a viewing point where he remembers it as Tapu Koko receives an object that he recognizes as what Kiawe was wearing. After approval from Tapu Koko, Ash puts the object on his wrist before watching Tapu Koko fly off away from him. Ash then stares at the [[Z-Ring]].
==Major events==
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as catching and releasing Pokémon and obtaining Badges, go here. -->
* {{Ash}}, {{AP|Pikachu}}, {{Delia}}, and [[Mimey]] are revealed to have traveled to the [[Alola]] [[region]].
* Ash encounters a roaming {{AP|Litten}} for the first time.
* Ash is revealed to have left all of his [[party]] Pokémon except {{AP|Pikachu}} at [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]].
* Ash encounters [[Team Skull]] for the first time.
* Ash learns about [[Z-Move]]s and the [[island challenge]].
* Ash encounters the [[Guardian deities|guardian deity]] of [[Melemele Island]], {{DL|RecurringGuardian wild Pokémon in thedeities (anime)|Tapu Koko}}, for the first time.
* Ash receives a [[Z-Ring]] equipped with an [[Electrium Z]] from Tapu Koko.
* Delia and Mimey both return to [[Pallet Town]], while Ash stays in Alola to study at the [[Pokémon School]].
====Pokémon debuts====
* {{p|Popplio}} ({{OP|Lana|Popplio}})
* [[Kiawe's Charizard]]
* {{p|Turtonator}} ({{OP|Kiawe|Turtonator}})
* {{p|Bounsweet}} ({{OP|Mallow|Bounsweet}})
* {{p|Litten}} ({{AP|anime|Litten}})
* {{p|Bewear}} ({{an|Bewear|anime}})
* {{p|Tapu Koko}} ({{DL|RecurringGuardian wild Pokémon in thedeities (anime)|Tapu Koko|anime}})
* {{p|Salandit}}
* {{p|Yungoos}}
* {{p|Lapras}} ({{an|Lana}}'s; [[Poké Ride|Ride Pokémon]])
* {{p|Popplio}} ({{OP|Lana|Popplio}}; debut)
* {{p|Charizard}} ({{anOP|Kiawe|Charizard}}'s; [[Poké Ride|Ride Pokémon]])
* {{p|Turtonator}} ({{OP|Kiawe|Turtonator}}; debut)
* {{p|Togedemaru}} ({{OP|Sophocles|Togedemaru}}; debut)
* {{p|Sandslash}} (Trainer's; flashback)
* {{p|Litten}} ({{AP|anime|Litten}}; debut)
* {{p|Tapu Koko}} ({{DL|RecurringGuardian wild Pokémon in thedeities (anime)|Tapu Koko|anime}}; debut)
* {{p|Bewear}} ({{an|Bewear|anime}}; debut)
* {{p|Tauros}} ([[Poké Ride|Ride Pokémon]]; multiple)
* {{Ash}}, {{an|Mallow}}, {{an|Kiawe}}, and [[Ash's Pikachu]] narrate the preview for the [[SM002|next episode]].
* This episode marks the first appearance of a {{p|Happiny}} other than the one that [[Brock's Happiny|belonged to]] {{an|Brock}}.
* The green T-shirt Ash wears in the flashback of Mimey winning a trip to the Alola region has a print design of a [[:File:MS_Aquatic_IMS Aquatic I.png|stock menu/overworld sprite of a Water-type Pokémon]] from the [[Generation I]] games. He wears it again in ''[[SM006|A Shocking Grocery Run!]]''.
* After getting trampled by a herd of Tauros, Ash references his {{AP|30 Tauros|Tauros}}.
* This is the only time when [[Tupp]] and [[Rapp]] have used more than one {{p|Salandit}} and {{p|Zubat}}, respectively, and also the only time when [[Zipp]] has used his {{p|Yungoos}}.
* This is [[Kayzie Rogers]]'s final episode before her retirement voicing Mimey.
* Ash reads the [[Who's That Pokémon?]] in the dub.
* This is the first episode to feature music from ''[[M18|Hoopa and the Clash of Ages]]''.
* Though it is an indirect appearance, the {{p|Rampardos}} fossil marks the first appearance of a member of its species in the anime since its cameo in ''[[M13|Zoroark: Master of Illusions]]'', over six years previously.
===Airing trivia===
|fr_eu={{tt|Alola pour de nouvelles aventures !|Alola to new adventures!}}
|de={{tt|Alola, neue Abenteuer!|Alola, new adventures!}}
|he={{tt|!אלולה להרפתקה חדשה|Alola forto a New Adventure!}}
|it={{tt|Alola a una nuova avventura!|Alola to a new adventure!}}
|ko={{tt|알로라! 첫 번째 섬, 처음 만나는 포켓몬들!!|Alola! The Starting Island, Meeting New Pokémon!!}}
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