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Rosie Reyes

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'''Rosie Reyes''' is a voice actoractress for the English dub of the [[Pokémon anime]].
Reyes isstarted anwork Americanfor voicethe actorPokémon who started workanime during the {{series|Sun & Moon}}. Her most notable role so far is that of {{ashcl|Ash's classmate}} {{an|Lana}}.
==Pokémon roles==
==Other non-Pokémon roles==
* Kurosasori (''Samurai Deeper'')
* Kurako Hieda (''{{wp|Shrine of the Morning Mist}}'')
* Old Lady Grocer;, Shin (''{{wp|Space Pirate Mito}}'')
==External links==
* [ Twitter]
* [ Anime News Network]
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