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Most of the shipping articles are ''so'' stupid <span style="background:#000000">[[Image:Ani389MS.gif|{{{2|389}}}]][[Image:Ani484MS.gif|{{{2|484}}}]][[Image:Ani025MS.gif|{{{2|025}}}]][[User:Porygon-Z|<span style="color:#4682B4">'''Porygon-Z'''</span>]][[Image:Ani441MS.gif|{{{2|441}}}]][[Image:Ani130MS.gif|{{{2|130}}}]][[Image:Ani445MS.gif|{{{2|445}}}]]</span> 22:51, 27 January 2008 (UTC)
:Argh, don't be another Cerberus... e_e;
:You wanna keep in mind that some people BELIEVE these crazy ships, no matter how insane it may seem to people. {{[[User:TinaTheKirliaTina|Tina]]<sup> [[Special:Contributions/Tina|δ]][[User talk:Tina|♫]]</Sig}}sup> 22:56, 27 January 2008 (UTC)
*cough**cough* Look at my comment [[Shipping talk:KrazyShipping|here]], man. '''[[Image:Ani038MS.gif]][[User:Haruka uzumaki|<span style="color:#705898">うずまき</span>]][[Image:Leaf.png|33px]][[User talk:Haruka uzumaki|<span style="color:#705898">ハルカ</span>]][[Image:May.png|33px]]''' 02:11, 28 January 2008 (UTC)
Haha I'll read that.
It amazes me that because May looks out and loves her little bro, some people think that they have a relationship! I find the only ones that are not crazy are the ones between Ash-Dawn, Ash-Misty, and Ash-Dawn.<span style="background:#000000">[[Image:Ani389MS.gif|{{{2|389}}}]][[Image:Ani484MS.gif|{{{2|484}}}]][[Image:Ani025MS.gif|{{{2|025}}}]][[User:Porygon-Z|<spanBut style="color:#4682B4">'''Porygon-Z'''</span>]][[Image:Ani441MS.gif|{{{2|441}}}]][[Image:Ani130MS.gif|{{{2|130}}}]][[Image:Ani445MS.gif|{{{2|445}}}]]</span>all 00:43,the 30pictures Januaryin 2008each (UTC)of those articles don't prove anything...
Ash-May: He's reassuring his friend, so what? I'd do the same.
Ash-Dawn: Wow she wants her friend to win. That ''has'' to mean she's in love with him (not)
Ash-Misty: Comics are way different than anime.
<span style="background:#000000">[[User:Porygon-Z|<span style="color:#4682B4">'''Porygon-Z'''</span>]]</span> 00:49, 30 January 2008 (UTC)
:May ''does'' love her brother, just as a sibling and not a boyfriend. --[[User:Fabu-Vinny|FabuVinny]] <sup>[[User talk:Fabu-Vinny|T]]-[[Special:Contributions/Fabu-Vinny|C]]-[[User:Fabu-Vinny/Sandbox|S]]</sup> 00:55, 30 January 2008 (UTC)
::Couldn't say it better myself. <span style="background:#000000">[[User:Porygon-Z|<span style="color:#4682B4">'''Porygon-Z'''</span>]][[User:Porygon-Z/MysteryEggs|<span style="color:#FFd700">'''Eggs'''</span>]]</span> 02:32, 31 January 2008 (UTC)
Dude this is incest! [[User:Cerberus|Cerberus]] 16:21, 28 April 2008 (UTC)
Oh, Jebus, you're here... [[User:TheCakeIsALie|NonaSuomi]]
People honestly believe this? The only thing worse is BreastShipping-why would people think someone would marry their sibling. The Pokémon Company doesn't even show gays (besides Harley). ---Sk8torchic
delet this.
No, seriously, ''incest is not acceptable'' on a wiki dedicated to a game played by a lot of kids. This page needs to be taken down. [[User:TheDoctorPotter|TheDoctorPotter]] ([[User talk:TheDoctorPotter|talk]]) 15:37, 30 June 2017 (UTC)