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Recurring gift items
===Generation IV===
In {{v|Platinum}}, there are more non-player characters that require something of the player in order to give an item. Similarly to Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, characters in [[Floaroma Town]], {{rt|208|Sinnoh}}, and [[Pastoria City]] give the player a Berry every day when spoken to.
* The manager of the [[Pokémon News Press]] will give the {{player}} three specialty [[Poké Ball]]s and one [[Heart Scale]] for showing him the Pokémon he's requested for his exposé.
* There is a man on {{rt|221|Sinnoh}} who will give the player a {{OBP|Black Belt|item}}, [[Expert Belt]], or [[Focus Sash]], once per day, in the aforementioned order, for showing him a Pokémon of the requested level.