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Recurring items by generation
* {{rt|21|Kalos}}: [[Figy Berry]] (across pond behind Cut tree)
* {{rt|22|Kalos}}: [[Tanga Berry]] (bottom of waterfall, end of farthest-right path)
===Generation VII===
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In [[Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!]], hidden items respawn either once or several times a day. Some of these hidden items are fixed to be the same item every time, while spots have randomly selected items upon interaction. Hidden items thus allow players to repeatedly obtain rare items such as [[Heart Scale]]s, [[Moon Stone]]s, and even [[Master Ball]]s.
* [[Mt. Moon]]: Two [[Moon Stone]]s on B2F, each on the crater, in the same chambers where the {{p|Omanyte}} and {{p|Kabuto}} [[Master Trainer]]s are
* [[Seafoam Islands]]: Two [[Heart Scale]]s next to rocks on B2F
* [[Cerulean Cave]]: Glittering spots on 2F may contain a [[Poké Ball]], a [[Great Ball]], a [[Ultra Ball]], 10 [[Ultra Balls]], a [[Master Ball]], a [[Golden Razz Berry]], a [[Golden Nanab Berry]] or a [[Golden Pinap Berry]] (respawns regularly throughout the day)
Other daily items include:
* [[Pewter City]]: [[Big Pearl]] from lady next to museum for watching her {{p|Slowpoke}}
* [[Vermilion City]]: [[Bottle Cap]] upon defeating [[Mina]] in a daily battle
* [[Fuchsia City]]: [[Nugget]] from {{p|Diglett}} behind the stone in the [[Safari Zone Warden]]'s house
==Recurring gift items==