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'''Brussel Town''' (Japanese: '''メキャベツタウン''' ''Mekyabetsu Town'') is an {{pkmn|anime}}-exclusive location in the [[Sinnoh]] [[region]]. It is locatedsituated somewhere between [[Mt. Coronet]] and [[Sunyshore City]]. andLike many other {{cat|towns}} in the [[region]], it has a [[Contest Hall]], which makes it a surepopular destination for a number ofamong [[Pokémon Coordinator]]s. It was featured in ''[[DP155|Double-Time Battle Training!]]''.
[[File:Brussel==Places Ribbon.png|thumb|left|220px|Theof Brussel Ribbon]]interest==
It was featured in ''[[DP155|Double-TimeFile:Brussel Battle Training!]]'', in which {{Ash}}, {{an|Dawn}}, and {{an|Brock}} arrived there to see [[Zoey]] participating in the town's [[Pokémon Contest]]Ribbon. They arrived late and only saw the final round, where Zoey and her {{TPpng|Zoeythumb|Glameow}} managed to defeat {{OBPleft|Rebecca250px|DP155}} and her {{p|Shuckle}}. This victory gave Zoey theThe Brussel [[Ribbon]], her fifth Contest Ribbon overall. It was revealed that [[Jessilina]] had also entered the Brussel Contest, but the position she finished in is unknown.
===Contest Hall===
{{main|Contest Hall}}
{{Ash}}, {{an|Dawn}}, and {{an|Brock}} visited the town's Contest Hall to watch [[Zoey]] participating in the local [[Pokémon Contest]]. They arrived there late and were only able to see the final round, where Zoey faced off against a {{pkmn|Coordinator}} named {{OBP|Rebecca|DP155}}. Using her {{TP|Zoey|Glameow}} against Rebecca's {{p|Shuckle}}, Zoey had trouble dealing with the {{pkmn|category|Mold Pokémon}}'s {{m|Withdraw}}. Eventually, Glameow managed to make its opponent come out of its shell with {{m|Shadow Claw}} and knock it out with {{m|Iron Tail}}. As a result, the [[Contest Judge]]s ruled {{DL|Fainting|Battle Off}} for Shuckle, thus Zoey was declared the winner of the match.
After Zoey'sthe victorybattle, [[Candice]]the threwDirector aof partythe to{{pkmn|Activities celebrateCommittee|Contest her friend's entry into theCommittee}}, [[SinnohRaoul GrandContesta|Mr. FestivalContesta]]. In the next day, bothawarded Zoey andwith Candice helped Dawn practice athe newBrussel [[Contest combination|combinationRibbon]], sheher intendedfifth toContest useRibbon inoverall, thewhich {{to|Daybreak}}qualified Contest,her whichto wouldcompete followin the [[DoubleGrand PerformanceFestival]] format. Zoey andthen Dawnasked laterhim hadif she could say a [[Doublefew Battle]]words, withusing Zoeythe usingopportunity herto {{p|Leafeon}}thank andher {{p|Kirlia}}longtime againstfriend [[Dawn's MamoswineCandice]] andfor {{TP|Dawn|Cyndaquil}}.her Zoeycontinued emergedsupport. victoriousIt afterwas Dawn'slater Pokémonrevealed werethat [[Fainting|knocked outJessilina]] had also entered the Brussel Contest, but the position she finished in is unknown.
===Pokémon Center===
{{main|Pokémon Center}}
After Zoey's victory, [[Candice]] threw a party at the local Pokémon Center to celebrate her friend's entry into the [[Sinnoh Grand Festival]]. In the next day, both Zoey and Candice helped Dawn {{pkmn|training|practice}} a new [[Contest combination|combination]] that she intended to use in the {{to|Daybreak}} Contest, which would follow the [[Double Performance]] format. Zoey and Dawn later had a [[Double Battle]], with Zoey using her {{p|Leafeon}} and {{p|Kirlia}} against [[Dawn's Mamoswine]] and {{TP|Dawn|Cyndaquil}}. Zoey emerged victorious after Dawn's Pokémon were [[Fainting|knocked out]].
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