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There are a variety of different kinds of Pokémon food in the [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series]], such as Apples, [[Gummi]]s, {{Berries}}, and [[Seed]]s. The effect of Gummis vary depending on the type of the Pokémon and have an effect on the consumer's [[IQ]], while Apples only fill up the {{DL|Statistic|belly}}. Berries cause many effects, such as restoring HP and removing [[status condition]]s. Seeds often cause special status ailments. All food have an effect on the belly and can be turned into drinks at [[Spinda's Café]].
[[File:MeowthEatApple.png|frame|200px|{{p|Meowth}} eating Pokémon food in the shapeform of an apple]]
====Apple-shaped Pokémon food====
In [[Pokémon Snap]], one of the few [[item]]s provided is Pokémon food in the shapeform of an apple. These are unlimited, and the {{player}} can throw them to the [[wild Pokémon]]. Many Pokémon will happily eat the food, and it can be used to lure them to a new spot since they may walk to where the food was thrown. A well-aimed throw may also hit the Pokémon, causing them to {{DL|Status condition|flinch}}, [[fainting|faint]], or become upset.
[[Professor Oak]] will provide the player with Pokémon food once the player obtains a total score of 14,000 points in the {{OBP|Pokémon Report|Pokémon Snap}}.