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Nuzleaf (Super Mystery Dungeon)

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The group makes their way to the center of the forest, discovering that the Tree of Life has already been possessed by Dark Matter and is almost completely dead. Nuzleaf, the Beheeyem, and Yveltal attack the group, all feral due to Dark Matter's increasing power. Nuzleaf turns the turncoat Beheyeem to stone before turning his petrification powers on Espurr, but the attack is blocked by the player and partner's Harmony Scarves and the Tree of Life itself. The player and partner evolve into their fully evolved forms, and take this chance to defeat Nuzleaf's group, wresting their minds from Dark Matter's control. However, Dark Matter steals Nuzleaf's group away and uproots the Tree of Life, causing it to rise into the sky and eventually crash into the Sun.
The player and their partner find Nuzleaf's group in the [[Tree of Life: Roots|Tree of Life's roots]], being bound and tortured by Dark Matter's power. In their evolved states, the duo easily breaks Dark Matter's bindings. While Nuzleaf and the Beheeyem start escaping, the player's partner urges Yveltal to take Nuzleaf and the others someplace safe. After the two heroes leave, Yveltal warps its group to a pocket dimension to avoid Dark Matter's ever expanding power. During the final showdown, Nuzleaf and the others warp into Dark Matter's dimension to encourage the player and their partner, who had begun to falter after losing their evolved forms and learning that Dark Matter had petrified every Pokémon in the world. While they are soon petrified as well, Nuzleaf, Yveltal, and the Beheeyem voices call out to them, and are soon joined by voices of Pokémon all over the world giving them encouragement. The words of encouragement break Dark Matter's sheildshield and empower the player and partner to stop it once and for all.
After the final battle was won, the player, their partner, and Espurr return to Serene Village, where they discover that Nuzleaf went to the village to apologize to the villagers before going off to places unknown. Sometime later, Nuzleaf and the three Beheeyem learns of the player's partner's dissappearance, {{p|Mew}}, and {{p|Xatu}}'s vision. Eager to redeem themselves, Nuzleaf and the others "kidnap" Mew and take it to the [[Purifying Cave]]. When the player finds them, Nuzleaf explains that sacrificing Mew is the only way to eradicate Dark Matter for good. Suddenly, Mew begins to glow with light and seemingly fade away. Reminded of the partner's departure, the player refuses this, not wanting to say goodbye again. At this, the player's Harmony Scarf begins glowing, combining with the light surrounding Mew, which restores the partner. With everything resolved, Nuzleaf and Beheeyem are accepted in Serene Village as villagers.