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Nuzleaf (Super Mystery Dungeon)

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The player first meets Nuzleaf while fleeing the three {{mdc|Beheeyem|smd}} that found them after waking up as a Pokémon. After being told by the protagonist that they are, in fact human, the Beheeyem find the two, forcing Nuzleaf to escape with the player. Nuzleaf helps the player through [[Open Pass]] and [[Lush Forest]] while teaching them about the basics of [[Mystery Dungeon]]s. After clearing the two dungeons, they arrive in Serene Village, where Nuzleaf agrees to let the player stay at his house. He also enrolls the player in the local school to help them blend in. Eventually, Nuzleaf leads the player and partner on an expedition to [[Revelation Mountain]], a sacred location guarded by the villagers, in hopes of obtaining insight into the player's amnesiac condition. However, they are forced to abandon the expedition due to the Pokémon patrolling the area.
Later, while pursuing {{OBP|Krookodile|Super Mystery Dungeon}}, the player and their partner return to Serene Village alongside and {{p|Archen}} of the [[Expedition Society]]. After finding the village as peaceful as always, they run into Nuzleaf, whose turn it was to guard Revelation Mountain. He had come to report that a Pokémon fitting Krookodile's description had broken through the mountain's security. Nuzleaf led the player's group to the summit, where they find a shimmering lake of Luminous Water, protected by a pyramid-shaped barrier. Discovering that the barrier could only be broken by the player, and that the Luminous Water could reverse the petrification, the player decides to break the barrier, only to be interrupted by Krookodile, who begins demanding the money Nuzleaf paid him for leading the player's group to the summit and writing the ominous warnings targeting [[Legendary Pokémon]], along with {{p|Raikou}} and {{p|Suicune}}. After the player is forced to break the banner, Nuzleaf's demeanor completely changes, Nuzleaf's demeanor changes, revealing himself to be the one responsible for the petrification incidents. Summoning {{p|Yveltal}} to his side, Nuzleaf turns the player's team, Krookodile, Raikou and Suicune into stone.
While the player, their partner, an the others attempt to escape the [[Voidlands]], Nuzleaf and his group drained the lake of the Luminous Water, and petrify most of Serene Village and [[Lively Town]]'s inhabitants. Surviving the attack, [[Students (Super Mystery Dungeon)|Espurr]] surrenders herself to Nuzleaf, and pretends to join his side, while leaking information about his movements to {{p|Ampharos}} and {{p|Jirachi}}. In addition, one of the Beheeyem breaks free of Dark Matter's mind control. Aware of that fact, Nuzleaf feeds the Beheeyem false information about the [[Prehistoric Ruins]] and the [[Tree of Life]], knowing the traitor would lead the player and partner there. At the bottom of the ruins, Nuzleaf and the remaining Beheeyem corner the trio, scaring the turncoat back into the fold. Nuzleaf reveals that the player once clashed with Dark Matter as a human, which is why the Beheeyem fought them to begin with; the player's amnesia apparently happened as a result of the Beheeyem's Psychic attacks. Nuzleaf had masqueraded as an ally so he could gain the player's trust and eventually be led to the Luminous Water, and destroy it so Dark Matter's plans can continue uninterrupted. To further dispirit the player, he calls Espurr in and reveals that she has been for him. Before Nuzleaf can petrify the player a second time, Ampharos appears with Jirachi and {{p|Celebi}}, the latter teleporting everyone to Primeval Forest where the Tree of Life is.