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Photon Geyser (move)

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{{MoveResearch|Are stat increases taken into account for choosing if it's a physical or special attack?<br/>Is it affected by Reflect/Light Screen and Counter/Mirror Coat depending on which stat is used?<br/>What happens if the user is burned?}}
Photon Geyser compares the user's Attack and Special Attack stats, dealing damage to the target using the higher stat. If the user's Attack is greater than its Special Attack, this move's damage will be calculated with the user's Attack and the target's Defense; if its Special Attack is equal to or greater than its Attack, the damage will factor in the user's Special Attack and the target's Special Defense. This does not take {{a|Pure Power}} or {{a|Huge Power}} into account. This move also ignores the target's [[Ability]] if the Ability changes the effect of the attack on the target. Abilities that affect the user of the attack, like {{a|Pressure}}, are not ignored. Photon Geyser does not ignore the effects of {{a|Shadow Shield}} and {{a|Prism Armor}}. Photon Geyser's ability-ignoring effect does not apply if it is used via a {{cat|moves that call other moves|move that calls another move}}.
===Other effects===