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In the games
It is rumored that Mr. Fuji once lived the {{ka|Pokémon Mansion}}, where [[Pokémon Mansion journals|journals]] related to the discovery of {{p|Mew}} and the birth of {{p|Mewtwo}} can be found. The mansion being located on Cinnabar Island and the fact that Fuji was a doctor are the only implications given in the games he appears in. However, this is also backed up not only by Pokémon Emerald as aforementioned, but by [[Mr. Fuji#In the anime|different anime media]], suggesting he is in fact the author of the Pokémon Mansion journals and thus, the scientist related to the creation of Mewtwo in the games as well.
====Cared for====
;Generations I, III, and VII
{| style="width: 96px"
| {{ActivePoké|Mr. Fuji|Nidorino|033Nidorino.png|Poison|size=100px|link=no}} ♂
| {{ActivePoké|Mr. Fuji|Psyduck|054Psyduck.png|Water|size=100px|link=no}}
| {{ActivePoké|Mr. Fuji|Cubone|104Cubone.png|Ground|size=100px|link=no}}
* In [[Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!|Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!]] only, Cubone is adopted by {{ga|Trace}} after it is rescued.
;Generations II and IV
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| {{ActivePoké|Mr. Fuji|Pidgey|Spr 4h 016.png|Normal|Flying|size=80px|link=no}}
| {{ActivePoké|Mr. Fuji|Nidorino|Spr 4h 033.png|Poison|size=80px|link=no}} ♂
| {{ActivePoké|Mr. Fuji|Psyduck|Spr 4h 054.png|Water|size=80px|link=no}}
;Generation III only
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| {{ActivePoké|Mr. Fuji|Weedle|Spr 3f 013.png|Bug|Poison|size=64px|link=no}}
===Fame Checker===