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==Eterna Gym==
[[File:Eterna Gym Pt.png|180px|right|thumb|Interior of the Eterna Gym]]
This Gym specializes in {{type|grass}}s. Be aware that the highest-leveled Pokémon you'll encounter here is Level 22 and quite powerful. [[Gardenia]]'s Grass-types are weak to {{t|Fire}}-, {{t|Bug}}-,and {{t|Flying}}-, {{t|Ice}}-, and {{t|Poison}}-type moves. - avoidAvoid bringing {{t|Ground}}-, {{t|Rock}}-, and {{t|Water}}-types as these types are very weak against her Grass Pokémon. If your starter was {{p|Chimchar}}, this should be an easy fight. If not, the common Pokémon {{p|Starly}} evolves into {{p|Staravia}} at Level 14, and is a good Flying-type that should be considered having on any team, regardless of your starter, due to the lack of Flying-types available at this early stage.
Once inside the Gym, you must find and battle three Trainers before Gardenia will face you. The hands of the giant clock in the middle move every time you defeat a Trainer. When they are pointing north, south, east, or west, you can walk across them to reach other areas of the Gym.
First she will send out her {{p|Turtwig}}, which will use moves like {{m|Sunny Day}} and {{m|Reflect}} to help set up the rest of her Pokémon. However, Sunny Day also powers up Fire-type moves, which you can use to your advantage. Gardenia's entire team knows {{m|Grass Knot}}, an attack that does more damage to [[List of Pokémon by weight|heavier Pokémon]]. After Turtwig is defeated, she will send out her {{p|Cherrim}}. If Turtwig had a chance to set up Sunny Day, all of Gardenia's PokémonCherrim will have theirits [[Stat#Attack|Attack]] and [[Special Defense]] increase by 50% due to {{a|Flower Gift|Cherrimits's Ability}}. Try to knock it out quickly so you don't get hit by {{m|Leech Seed}}, which will drain your HP to heal the opponent. Gardenia will send out her's highest-leveled Pokémon, {{p|Roserade}}, last.has Itsan additional {{t|Poison}} type that makes it weak to {{type|Psychic}} attacks. Along with the strong attack {{m|Magical Leaf}}, Roserade also has {{m|Stun Spore}}, a move that can {{status|paralyze}} your team, and {{m|Poison Sting}}, a weak attack that can {{status|poison}} your Pokémon.
Once you beat her you will receive the {{Badge|Forest}}, {{TM|86|Grass Knot}}, and the ability to use {{m|Cut}} outside of battle. Now, you may enter the Galactic HeadquartersEterna but first let's make a pitstop to the Old ChateauBuilding.
==Team Galactic Eterna Building==
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! Trainers
{{Trainerentry|Spr DP Galactic Grunt M.png|Galactic Grunt||680|2|041|Zubat|M|17|None|434|Stunky|M|17|None|}}
{{Trainerentry|Spr DP Galactic Grunt F.png|Galactic Grunt||720|2|041|Zubat|F|16|None|431|Glameow|F|18|None|}}
{{Trainerentry|Spr DP Galactic Grunt F.png|Galactic Grunt||760|1|431|Glameow|♀|19|None|}}
{{Trainerentry|Spr DP Galactic Grunt M.png|Galactic Grunt||760|1|453|Croagunk|♂|19|None|}}
{{Trainerentry|Spr DP Galactic Grunt F.png|Galactic Grunt||640|3|434|Stunky|♀|16|None|453|Croagunk|♀|16|None|431|Glameow|♀|16|None|}}
{{Trainerentry|Spr DP Scientist.png|Scientist|Travon|960|1|064|Kadabra|♂|20|None|}}
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! Items
{{itemlist|X Speed|Behind Grunt in far left room on 2nd floor.|Pt=yes}}
{{itemlist|X Sp. Atk| Next to Grunt on 3rd floor.|Pt=yes|display=[[X Sp. Atk|X Special]]}}
{{itemlist|Blue Shard|Upstairs past Scientist Travon, next to Revive.|Pt=yes}}
{{itemlist|Revive|Upstairs past Scientist Travon, next to Blue Shard.|Pt=yes}}
{{itemlist|Up-Grade|To the right of where Jupiter stood.|Pt=yes}}
[[File:Galactic Eterna Building 1F Pt.png|thumb|180px|Galactic Eterna Building 1F]]
Once inside the [[Team Galactic Eterna Building]], [[Looker]] will approach you again. Several staircases in this building lead to dead ends, where [[Galactic Grunt]]s and items are located.The correct staircases have a poster near them. Defeat the two grunts guarding the left-hand staircase, then head upstairs. Fight the lone Grunt, collect the X Speed behind him, then head back downstairs and up the right-hand staircase.
[[File:Galactic Eterna Building 2F Pt.png|thumb|right|180px|Galactic Eterna Building 2F]]
Back on the second floor, make a quick detour up the right-hand staircase, defeat the Grunt and grab the [[X Sp. Atk|X Special]] that's partially hidden by the appliance behind him, then head back downstairs. Before heading up the middle-right staircase, talk to the Grunt working at a computer for another battle.
[[File:Galactic Eterna Building 3F Pt.png|thumb|right|180px|Galactic Eterna Building 3F]]
Battle the Scientist, then head up the right-hand staircase that leads up to 4F; you'll find another dead end but you can also collect a [[Blue Shard]] and a [[Revive]]. Head back downstairs and up the middle-right staircase to the top floor.
[[File:Galactic Eterna Building 4F Pt.png|thumb|right|180px|Galactic Eterna Building 4F]]
Collect the [[Up-Grade]] to the right of [[Commander Jupiter]], then talk to her to begin the battle.
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{{Party/Single|color={{silver color}}|headcolor=D56AAC|bordercolor={{dark color}}
|sprite=Spr DP Jupiter.png
|location=Team Galactic Eterna Building
|level=21|gender=female|spritegender=female|ability=Inner Focus
|move1=Wing Attack|move1type=Flying|move1cat=Physical
|move2=Giga Drain|move2type=Grass|move2cat=Special
|pokemon=Skuntank |type1=Poison|type2=Dark|ndex=435
|level=23|gender=female|ability=Stench|held=Sitrus Berry
|move1=Night Slash|move1type=Dark|move1cat=Physical
|move2=Poison Gas|move2type=Poison|move2cat=Status
The biggest danger is her {{p|Skuntank}}, as at this point in the game the only options to deal it [[Damage modification|super-effective damage]] are {{p|Geodude}}'s {{m|Magnitude}} or {{p|Shellos}}'s {{m|Mud Bomb}}. Once defeated, Jupiter will retreat, saying they no longer need this base but warns you not to meddle in Team Galactic's affairs again. The owner of [[Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop]] will tell you to meet him at his shop, then return to his shop - follow him back outside.
===Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop===
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Before heading to the [[Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop|shop]], visit the Pokémon Center and make sure that your party has a free space - just before arriving at the Bike Shop you'll encounter [[Cynthia]] again, who will give you a [[Pokémon Egg]] that hatches into a {{p|Togepi}}. When you meet Rad Rickshaw at his shop, he will give you a [[bicycle]]. A unique feature of this bicycle is that the player can press the B button to switch between the third and fourth gears. Fourth gear is faster than third gear and allows the player to ride up {{DL|bike obstacles|muddy slopes}} and jump further from bike {{DL|bike obstacles|ramps}}. Third gear can jump bike ramps, but does not jump as far. Head to Eterna City's south entrance - now that you have a bicycle, you're allowed onto Route 206, the [[Cycling Road]].
Finally, before you leave down, make sure you bring Pokémon which know {{m|Cut}}, and {{TM|70|Flash}} (which is found in the basement of the [[Oreburgh Gate]]) and {{m|Rock Smash}}, as you'll need them to enter and navigate the next few areas.
==Old Chateau==
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