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Slowking (Pokémon)

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
A Slowking appeared under the ownership of Lorelei in ''[[PS277|Enter The Three Beasts]]'', and was used to escape the [[Icefall Cave]] when [[Carr]] detonated his {{p|Forretress}}, as well as to battle [[Sird]].
{{FB|Factory Head|Thorton}} rented a Slowking for his {{pkmn|battle}} against {{adv|Platinum}} in ''[[PS427|Uprooting Seedot]]''.
In''[[PS431|The Final Dimensional Duel I]]'', [[Charon]] was seen in possession of a Slowking. It was used to provoke {{p|Giratina}} into attacking {{adv|Pearl}}, and later was used to attack Pearl again when Diamond was "killed". It was later abandoned toward the end of the arc.