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[[File:Rick M21.png|thumb|left|250px|Rick]]
[[File:Rick Pokémon Channel.png|thumb|left|250px|As the host of the Pokémon Channel]]
Rick was first seen in the hospital with an injured leg when Risa came to visit him. Rick was sad that he wasn't able to attend the [[Wind Festival]] due to the injury, and thus begged Risa to help {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} him a Pokémon. Rick knew Risa would be hesitant to go and, so he convinced her with a bribe; a pair of red sunglasses.
Throughout the movie, Rick appeared as the host of the Pokémon Channel, commenting on events taking place in [[Fula City]]. However, his identity as the host was only confirmed towards the end of the movie.
Rick later contacted Risa as she ran to Fula City with the eternal flame, helping her find a quicker and safer route to the pedestal. Risa was curious as to how Rick knew where exactly she was, but Rick quickly dismissed the question. When Risa revisited Rick in the hospital, she confronted him about it again, but he didn't elaborate.
Rick is shown to be close to his sister, as seen by the way [[Risa]] visits him in hospital. He knows how to annoy his sister, but nevertheless cares for her immensely.
==Voice actors==