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Strangely enough, a Shadow Pokémon that isn't under the care of the player will not enter Hyper Mode / Reverse Mode or apparently reduce its Heart Gauge, although a Shadow Pokémon the player controls will purify itself just by being in the Trainer's party.
An important difference between Colosseum and XD is the number of Shadow Pokémon each Cipher member carries: in Colosseum, each NPC Trainer only carries one at a time (which are often sent out as their first Pokémon in battle); in XD there are many Trainers with two or more Shadow Pokémon in their team, the first one being encountered at the [[Cipher Key Lair]], and the final boss of the game has seven Shadow Pokémon under his care. This may be a result of the large number of Shadow Pokémon in XD.
==Gameplay differences between Shadow and non-Shadow Pokémon==
* Enter it in battles at [[Orre Colosseum]].
Shadow Pokémon are also unable to gain [[Efforteffort Valuesvalues]] from battling. However, although [[Vitaminvitamin]]s can still be used on them to increase their Effort Values.