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;''[[EP053|The Purr-fect Hero]]'' motto
In this episode, Team Rocket attempts a magic show to steal Pikachu. As they try to leave, the kids swarm them, trying to play with Meowth.
:'''Jessie:''' Time to prepare for trouble!{{Schemetable|Kanto}}
:'''James:''' Presto, Change|-o, and make it double!
''Kids! surround them''Russian
:'''All! Three:''' (groan)Transcription
:'''Jessie:'''! Alright. It's quiet time now.English
|- style="background:'''James:''' (nervously laughs) We're just getting to the good part!#FFF"
:'''Jessie:''' To protect the world from devestation!|<ab>
:'''James:'''Проблем To unite all peoples within our nation!хотите?
:'''Jessie:'''Вдвойне To denounce the evils of truth and love!получите
:'''James:'''Не Toсамое extend our reach to the stars above!время
:'''Jessie:'''Мы Jessi-AHH!не зря ломились в вашу дверь
Чтобы мир спасти от разрушения
TheyЧтоб neverсплотить finishвсе dueнаше to the kids playing with Jessie, James, and their Pokémon.поколение
Правду и любовь навсегда изжить
Чтоб вершин достичь в бой идем мы
Джесси... Аа!
Джеймс... Оо!
Problyem hotitye?
Vdvoynye poloochitye
Nye samoye vryemya
Mi nye zrya lomilis' v vashoo dvyer'
Chtobi mir spasti ot razrooshyeniya
Chtob splotit' vsye nashye pokolyeniye
Pravdoo i lyoobov' navsyegda izzhit'
Chtob vyershin dostich' v boy idyem mi
Jyessi... Aa!
Jyeyms... Oo!
Do you want problems?
Get it double
Not the right time
We've broke into your door not in vain
To save the world from destruction
To unite all our generation
Truth and love forever to outlive
To reach the tops we go into battle
Jessie... Ah!
James... Oh!
;''[[EP065|Showdown at the Po-ké Corral]]'' motto