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In Pokémon GO
===In Pokémon GO===
In [[Pokémon GO]], moves are divided into two typesFile:Move '''Fastmenu Attacks''' (Japanese: '''ノーマルアタック''' ''normal attack'') and '''Special Attacks''' (Japanese: '''スペシャルアタック''' ''special attack'')GO.png|thumb|Move Each individual Pokémon has one of each kind of move, randomly chosen from the moves their species can know. When a Pokémon evolves, its moves are also randomly|200px]]
In [[Pokémon GO]], moves are divided into two types: '''Fast Attacks''' (Japanese: '''ノーマルアタック''' ''normal attack'') and '''Charged Attacks''' (Japanese: '''スペシャルアタック''' ''special attack''). The moves that a Pokémon knows can be seen on the Pokémon summary screen. Each individual Pokémon knows one of each kind of move, randomly chosen from the moves their species can learn. A Pokémon can also obtain a second Charged attack in exchange for a large amount of [[Stardust (GO)|Stardust]] and [[Candy]]. When a Pokémon evolves, its moves are also randomly reselected.
In a battle at a {{OBP|Gym|GO}}, the player can command a Fast Attack at any time by simply tapping their Pokémon on the screen. SpecialCharged Attacks, however, can only be used when the SpecialCharged Attack meter's energy has been sufficiently filled. The SpecialCharged Attack meter can be seen next to the move's name on the Pokémon's summary screen or below the Pokémon's HP bar during a battle; it is a gauge divided evenly into one to five bars (depending on the move). Using a Pokémon's SpecialCharged Attack requires consuming one of these bars. The meter is charged by attacking with Fast Attacks or taking damage. When a Pokémon is ready, the player can command it to use its SpecialCharged Attack by holding a long-press on their Pokémon.
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The physical/special distinction from the core games does not exist in Pokémon GO. Both Fast Attacks and Charged Attacks use the attacking Pokémon's Attack and the defending Pokémon's Defense {{stat|In Pokémon GO|stats}}.
A list of moves in Pokémon GO can be seen [[List of moves in Pokémon GO|here]].
==In the anime==