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[[File:Risa M21.png|thumb|left|250px|Risa at her school]]
Prior to the events of ''[[M21|The Power of Us]]'', Risa was a star athlete, but a leg injury caused her to stop. Though her injury healed, she became concerned about running. One day after high school, Risa visited her brother {{OBP|Rick|M21}} in the hospital. Whilst there, he asked her to go {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} him a Pokémon. DespiteShe knowingagreed littleto aboutcomplete howthe totask doafter so,receiving shea agreedpair toof completered thesunglasses, taskdespite withnot theknowing helpmuch of {{OBP|Ashabout Ketchum|M20|Ash}}Pokémon.
Arriving in [[Fula City]] soon after, [[Kellie]] bumped into Risa then noticed her empty [[Poké Ball]]. Risa explained that she was looking for a particular Pokémon for her brother. Kellie then informed Risa that her uncle [[Callahan]] may be able to assist. After examining the photo Callahan directed Risa to a nearby mountain. After watching the [[Pokémon Catch Race]], Risa followed Callahan's advice. She was infuriated to learn from a pair of {{tc|Pokémon Ranger}}s that the mountain was off limits and that {{p|Eevee}} didn't live on the mountain. Risa quickly figured that Callahan had lied.
Risa arrived back at the hotel the next morning, where she recognized {{OBP|Ash Ketchum|M20|Ash}} as the Catching Race runner-up. Ash agreed to help Risa. She eventually succeeded in catching an {{p|Eevee}}, using {{OBP|Ash's Pikachu|M20|Pikachu}} for assistance.
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The next day, Risa and Ash noticed the breeze had stopped blowing in Fula City and soon learned from a passerby that the eternal flame had been stolen. They met up with [[Mayor Oliver]] and Harriet; and later Toren, who revealed that a trail of his stolen {{p|Smeargle}} ink was used in the eternal flame theft. This led the group up a mountain, and they arrived just in time to stop a pair of [[Pokémon poacher|Pokémon hunters]] from harming {{OBP|Zeraora|M21}} and [[Margo]].
The sudden explosion of Toren's stolen {{a|Effect Spore}} and the subsequent blaze led Risa to join forces with Ash and the others. She initially stayed with Margo and Ash to help treat the [[wild Pokémon]], but Ash encouraged her to rush over to the pedestal to return the stolen eternal flame in the hopes of summoning {{OBP|Lugia|M21}}. Risa was initially hesitant, but after seeing her injured Eevee limp towards her with the baton in hand, she overcame her fear and accepted the task. Her fast pace and Rick’s unexpected assistance helped Risa reach the pedestal in time to summon Lugia who went on to {{m|Rain Dance|put out the blaze}}.
Risa later attended the Wind Festival's closing ceremony with Ash and the others. Afterwards, she revisited Rick in hospital and confronted him with her earlier query as to how he knew where she was. Rick was left speechless, but didn’t answer the question.
Risa is shown to be very close to her brother {{OBP|Rick|M21}}. This is evidenced by the fact she visits him in hospital soon after learning that he was there. Another sign of this is the way she agrees to {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} him a Pokémon, despite knowing little about them.
Risa developed low self-esteem following her sudden injury which ended her athletics record. {{OBP|Ash Ketchum|M20|Ash}}'s spontaneity and unpredictability led Risa to adapt and overcome her self-imposed limitations. Her fears of heights and running were put at the back of her mind for the greater good. {{OBP|Rick|M21}}'s decision to send Risa to the [[Wind Festival]] in the first place may have been to push his sister beyond her comfort zone. She is otherwise gracious and sincere, making her an easily likable person. Risa dislikes being misled or confronted by brutality. She was shown to tackle issues head-on, like when she confronted [[Callahan]] over his lies and later when she went to approached the [[Pokémon poacher|Pokémon hunters]].
|vaen=Erica Schroeder
|desc={{p|Eevee}} is Risa's partner Pokémon. With the help of Ash, she caught Eevee, having been requested by her brother to do so. It later sustained a broken leg from being trampled after {{TRT}} released a smoke bomb in the area. The recovery period helped Eevee and Risa to quickly bond and trust each other.
Eevee's known moves are {{m|Sand Attack}}, {{m|Tackle}}, and {{m|Swift}}.}}